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On December 4, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, Chief of Iran’s Navy announced the capture of an American intruding Scan Eagle pilotless surveillance aircraft without any damage. See photo above.

“The unmanned US drone patrolling Persian Gulf waters, performing reconnaissance and gathering intel, was captured as soon as it entered Iranian airspace,” the elite unit’s naval forces said in a statement cited by state broadcaster IRIB.

The Guards’ naval force, which guards Iranian assets in the Persian Gulf, said the drone was a Boeing-made ScanEagle, a short-range surveillance vehicle with a three-metre wingspan that is typically launched from ships and which can fly up to 100 kilometres.

The White House spokesperson has denied Iranian claim. But people are quite familiar of White House’s habitual lies about Iran.

Exactly one year ago, Iranian Army’s electronic warfare unit had brought down a US-built RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft after it crossed into Iran’s airspace over the border with neighboring Afghanistan. As usual, Washington first denied the capture of the drone but after a few day asked Tehran to return the aircraft to US-NATO base in Afghanistan. Iran refused the request.

Last month two Iranian fighter jets chased an American MQ-1 Predator drone out of country’s coastal waters after it intruded into the Iranian side of Persian Gulf but failed to bring it down.

The best-known drones might be those like the American Predator and Reaper, which carry weapons and are used by the CIA as well as the US military and British RAF to launch strikes. But the Predator began as a surveillance – not an armed – vehicle and it is in this field that drones are still primarily used.

Americans have increased its surveillance activities since last year over Israel’s fear of a future nuclear Iran. Washington has no proof that Iran is using its nuclear program for military usage. Iran rejects US-Israel claim and insists that its nuclear program is for energy and healthcare.

M.T. Keshe, an Iran-born nuclear engineer and founder of Belgium-based Keshe Foundation says:”I wonder how many Americans walk away from MRI tables and thank the lives of Iranian scientists who have filled the gap that was created by the Canada nuclear breakdown to save their lives.”

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