Iran’s appointment to UN First Committee offends Lobby


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On October 1, 2013, right after his racist rant against Rouhani, Benjamin Netanyahu received a slap on his face from the UN Disarmament and International Security Committee (UNDISC). It unanimously appointed Iran as its new rapporteur (senior communication officer) for one year.

The position would put Iran in charge of reporting on the committee’s proceedings and actions.

The First Committee includes all 193 UN member states, and a new rapporteur is elected for each annual session of the UN General Assembly.

The UN committee deals with all disarmament and international security issues, cooperation in the maintenance of international peace and security, and principles governing disarmament and the regulation of armaments.

Ironically, Abraham Foxman, the head of powerful pro-Israel Jewish advocacy group ADL, who had congratulated Netanyahu over his “articulate, reasonable, rational and emotional” speech – now has issued a petition to UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon against Iran’s appointment to such prestigious position.

Michael Rubin, a radical Zionist Jew, currently a senior Fellow with Israel lobby group, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), made a sick joke, “I’m just surprised that the UN never got around to hiring Michael Jackson to work in its daycare center“. May be the idiot doesn’t know that Jackson married Jewish Debbie Rowe and produced two kids. Jackson even had Jewish lawyers and accountants and paid them fat salaries.

Israel is the only entity in the Middle East which has stockpiles of both nuclear and chemical weapons. It’s also the only entity in the region with four Germany-supplied submarines fitted with muclear weapons. Israel refuse to sign the NPT and doesn’t allow the nuclear watcgdog, IAEA, to inspect any of country’s five nuclear sites. Iran, on the other hand, allows IAEA to perform routine check on its nuclear reactor sites.

Iran has already hosted two international nuclear disarmament conferences. Israel has refused to attend the UN-sponsored nuclear disarmament conference.

Israel with a population less than seven million, has annual military budget of $17 billion. Iran with a population of over 65 million, has annual military budget of $6 billion.

120-nation strong Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and Arab League has demanded that international community force Israel to sign NPT and United Nations’ anti-chemical declaration. Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani repeated that demand in his speech at the UNGA.

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