Netanyahu: ‘I will tell the truth about Iran’


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On Sunday, Netanyahu left Israel for his second homeland (United States) to address the UN General Assembly (UNGA) in New York on October 1. In his farewell speech, Netanyahu told his subjects that he intends to “tell the truth to counter Rouhani’s charm” – to Barack Obama and the world at large.

In the meantime, Netanyahu has instructed his ministers not to drop their Zionist jaws over Obama-Rouhani contact for fear of complicating his meeting with Barack Obama at the White House on Monday.

It seems Netanyahu is faced with fabricating many additional propaganda lies to counter Obama-Rouhani telephone contact and John Kerry’s statement during an interview on ’60 Minutes’ that “it’s possible to ease Iran sanctions within months” and Rouhani’s telling Obama that turning back on Iran’s nuclear program will never be on the negotiation table.

Netanyahu is expected to provide new fuel to the Jewish Lobby and pro-Israel government officials and lawmakers, in order to torpedo any future constructive and meaningful relations between the US and the Islamic Republic.

According to the official narrative of Rouhani-Obama 15 minutes conversation, the phone contact was initiated by the White House.

“Yesterday, when we were about to head to the airport, they told me that the White House has contacted our permanent envoy to the UN in New York and Mr. Obama is willing to have a short phone conversation with me, which actually happened as we were about to leave. They contacted our envoy’s cell phone and I had a conversation with Mr. Obama,” Rouhani said.

“I stressed in the conversation that the nuclear issue is not only the issue of the Iranian nation’s rights as well as Iran’s development but it is also related to Iran’s national pride,” said the Iranian President, adding that Obama, acknowledged Tehran’s right to peaceful nuclear technology in the conversation.

I don’t know if the Israeli Grinch, with the help of powerful Jewish Lobby would succeed to spoil the US-Iran rapproachment party. However, it could be Obama’s last chance to settle account with Netanyahu, for his open support of Mitt Romney. This is Obama’s second and last term in the White House, and an opportunity to go in American history as one of few Presidents who has the gutts to stand up to the Jewish lobby.

I bet everyone in the UNGA is praying that Netanyahu doesn’t bring his last year’s Mickey Mouse presentation on Iran’s nuclear program being an “existential threat” to Israel which itself has over 240 nuclear bombs.

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