Jewish groups urge boycott of UN disarmament body


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Hillel Neuer of the Geneva-based Jewish advocacy group, UN Watch, has urged European countries to join Tel Aviv, Washington and Ottawa to boycott the United Nations Disarmament conference being chaired by the Islamic Republic of Iran later this month.

The 65-member nations forum, which picks its chairs by rotation, was previously lead by North Korea. The forum is charged with negotiating international regulations for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons among other things.

Iran is a signatory to NPT and has never violated an international law on WMD. Contrary to that, Israel has refused to join the NPT, has a stockpile of over 300 nuclear bombs and is known for defying most of United Nations’ regulations passed against it. Israel is the only nuclear power in the Middle East and is on record of threatening to use WMDs against its neighboring countries and Europe.

Israel, US and Canadian governments have announced that their representatives at United Nations would boycott the conference chaired by Iran. Tehran has no diplomatic relations Washington, Ottawa and Tel Aviv. Last year, Iran’s deputy foreign minister and its representative at the EU, Ali Asghar Khaji, called Stephen Harper government in Ottawa, Israel’s lap-poodle.

Another Hague-based Israel advocacy group, ‘Iran Comite’ wrote to Dutch Jewish foreign minister Frans Timmermans: “Iran’s chairmanship comes at the expense of the United Nations’ credibility as a body to safeguard global safety“. Yes, the same United Nations which has passed over 59 resolutions condemning Israel for its warmongering in the region including calling it “an apartheid state”. In the past, Frans Timmermans had supported Israeli airstrikes on Gaza and Syria

Last year, the Zionist regime rebuffed a UN call to to adhere to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and open its five nuclear facilities to IAEA inspectors. Netanyahu called the suggestion a “meaningless mechanical vote” of a body that “lost all its credibility regarding Israel.”

In response to United States boycott of the Conference on Disarmament, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Araqchi blasted both US and Canada. “The United States’ opposition and lack of commitment to various international disarmament conventions are obstacles to advancing the issue of global disarmament,” said Araqchi, adding: “People around the world have learned about the massive racial discrimination, child trafficking and sex abuse, biased regulations for aborigines and minorities, growing poverty and unemployment among immigrants, racism and xenophobia in Canada, which were all reported by the UN official sources as well as Canada’s non-government organizations“. Read the statement in full here.

Iran is the first regional nation which called for a nuclear free Middle East in 1974. However, under pressure from Jewish lobby groups, United States was reluctant to support the idea. Iran has held two international conferences over a nuclear free Middle East, which were boycotted by the US and its “willing allies”.

Israel and world Jewish lobby groups have accused Iran for working on a secret plan to produce nuclear bomb without any shread of evidence. On March 6, 2013, the Jewish-owned Washington Post admitted that “the main source of the allegations about Iran’s alleged past nuclear activities are from the US and Israel“, something nice to hear being acknpwledged.

Iran takes over the presidency from Indonesia and after the end of June hands over to Iraq – Iran’s closest Arab ally after Syria.

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