Israel: ‘No apology for killing your three daughters’


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The Zionist regime has refused to apologize to Dr. Izseldin Abuelaish, former Muslim Palestinian doctor at Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv for killing his three daughters and a niece while asleep in their home during Israeli invasion of Gaza city on January 16, 2009. Israeli regime admitted the killing and shelling of the house by mistake. Izseldin Abuelaish demanded a simple apology from the Zionist regime, which he is still waiting after three years. The Israel Occupation Force (IOF) calls the death of four young Muslim girls simply a ”collateral damage”.

Dr. Abuelaish resolved to bring his daughters justice by continuing to promote peace rather than hatred. For his work and resolve, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 by Jean-Marc Delizee, Belgium’s state secretary for pension and fight against poverty.

Dr. Izseldin Abuelaish, currently lives in Toronto (Canada) and teaches at University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health since August 2009. Known as “Dr. Gaza”, Izseldin Abuelaish was awarded Calgary Peace Prize by the University of Calgary last month. He was interviewed and reported by Emily Leedham in the Calgary Openfile on March 9, 2012.

“Since I was born, because, my life, as I said just yesterday, was a war, suffering, challenges, depravation, and intimidation. You don’t feel that you are a child. You don’t feel you are human. As a Palestinian, I remember, as a child, I wanted to get rid of this misery of life, this suffering, and what can I do to challenge it. So I started to work hard, just to focus, I wanted to reach there, to get rid of this suffering. And education, my teachers, my parents, life taught me that you must get rid of it. Not to accept it. And that’s why from my early childhood, to wake up in the morning, early in the morning, as a refugee to wait for humanitarian aids, you don’t know what is the meaning of childhood. It makes you angry of not accepting it and to take responsibility of changing it. An education was the strongest means to help me to move forward, to succeed, and at least to get rid of the misery of the suffering, the economic suffering, to have better resources as a doctor, as a person,” says Dr. Gaza.

Dr. Gaza is author of the book, ‘I Shall Not Hate‘. He also founder of the ‘Daughters for Life‘ organization.

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