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On Monday, Israel’s radical Jewish foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, told an accountant’s convention: “Sometimes, even to best friends, you must say NO. Otherwise, no one will respect you“.

Israeli media has interpreted Lieberman’s remark as a refusal to apology for killing nine Turks on Gaza aid flotilla two years ago – for which Turks seek life sentence for four top Israel Occupation Force (IOF) Generals. Turkey was the first Muslim majority country which recognized the Zionist entity in 1948 – and still maintains diplomatic and trade relations with it. Ankara behind its anti-Israel rhetoric – still running USrael proxy war in the Middle East especially in Syria, Bhrain, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Israel has also refused to apology for its terrorist activities in India, the United States, Iran, Lebanon and many other countries. Iran was the second Muslim-majoeity nation which recognized the Zionist entity in 1949. Iran broke its diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity in 1979 and has refused to have any contacts with it. The United States have continued to play the ‘mid-wife’ for the Zionist entity for the last six decades.

A few days ago, Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon, talked to Afshin Rattansi on Iranian Press TV, about Zionism, Israel, censorship and Jewishness. Gilad took part in Jewish army which attacked and occupied Lebanon under Gen. Ariel Sharon’s command in 1982. Gilad says that the massacre of Palestinian and Lebanese in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps by Christian Philangists under the protection of Jewish soldiers made him sick of being an Israeli and and a Jew.

Gilad remembers his visit to the ‘Ansar Concentration camp’ in Southern Lebanon in 1982 – where thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese civilian were kept without any trial. Gilad says that as a child he was brought up with the stories Jewish miseries and Holocaust. However, seeing those prisoners inside the ‘Ansar Camp’ – he thought they were Jews inside Nazi camps and the Israeli soldiers and Philangist militiamen were the Nazis.

Gilad also disputed calling Israel as “apartheist state” like the South Africa. He believes that Israel’s idealogy is not the separation of Natives from the foreign Jews – but to annihilate the entire Native population of Palestine. Watch the video below.