Israeli Report: ‘Hizbullah missiles cover entire Israel’


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Last month, Israeli newspaper ‘Israel Hayom’ in its special report, entitled “Hezbollah 2013” claimed that Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s 300 long-range missiles could bring the entire Israeli territory within the reach of its attack.

The report also claimed that Hizbullah has arsenal of 60,000 missiles including 5,000 with a range of 250 kilometer, posing a direct and real threat to the Zionist entity and its illegal Jewish settlements in the Weast Bank and Golan Heights.

Israeli military analyst Shimon Shabira was qouted saying that Hizbullah has between 20,000 to 40,000 strong men, including skilled airborne personnel and well trained divers. This is certainly a Zionist BS, as even the Lebanese armed has no military jet or naval ship. After the 34-day Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, the Jewish media had claimed that Hizbullah could not field more than a few thousand fighters against 30,000 invading Jewish ary.

But then, nothing can stop Zionist propagandists from fabricating lies. For example, on January 7, 2013, Israel Matzav ( a site run by a Zionist Jew from Boston now living in Israel) reported that United states sold 200 armored personnel carriers (M113) to Hizbullah-dominated Lebanon. I guess, the 200 M113, must have cost more than $3 billion which the Zionist regime receives military aid from Washington every year.

On February 26, 2012, Israel Hayom, had quoted Israel Defense website reports that Hizbullah had obtained an unknown number of Russian-made RPG-30 anti-tank missiles. These missiles are capable of penetrating Israeli armor protection system including “Windbreaker” anti-tank missile shield system which is installed on all new Merkava Mark IV tanks.

The RPG-30 system launches an initial decoy missile that activates the tank’s active defense mechanism. After the tank’s active defense is turned on, a second missile capable of disrupting the tank’s defense mechanism and penetrating 65 cm of armor is launched by the RPG-30 system.

The US-Israel “Windbreaker” system is an active tank defense mechanism manufactured by Rafael. The mechanism provides 360-degree armor protection. The system can detect a missile launch against the tank and neutralize the missile before it hits the target. Its earlier vesion, “Iron Fist”, was developed after Jewish army’s defeat in 34-day war with Hizbullah in 2006.

On June 8, Lebanese daily ad-Diar, reported that Hizbullah has recently obtained advanced anti-tank missiles through confidential source. The missiles are more advanced than the Russian Kornet anti-tank missile recently purchased by Syria. Hizbullah missiles are capable of precise targeting from 400 meter distance, destroying the armored vehicle and killing the entire personnel in the military vehicle.

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