Israeli ‘Skunk’: WMD against protesters


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Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) has come up with a non-bullet machinism to fight anti-government protests in Israel and the West Bank. IOF prefers to call it ‘Skunk’ but their victims call is ‘Shit’.

The ‘Skunk’ is a non-lethal but heath hazard weapon developed by an Israeli fertilizer producing company for the IOF in 2004. IOF first tested it on Palestinian protesters in September 2008. The ‘Skunk’ is sprayed on protesters with water guns. It leaves unbearable odor of sewage on whatever it touches. It doesn’t wash-away with soap and the smell lingers for years.

While the army calls ‘Skunk’ an attempt to minimize casualties, rights groups dismiss it as a fig-leaf for the use of deadlier force against protesters in the occupied West Bank.

The ‘Skunk’ is certainly a repellent, but not a complete deterrent. The protesters are fouled but not foiled.

A ‘Skunk’ truck was spotted recently at a base high in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, ready to repel any assault on the fence along the disengagement line between Israel and Syria. The Palestinian protesters from Syria and Lebanon on 2011 Nakba Day were stopped cross the fence by IOF by killing a dozen of them.

Human rights groups challenge IOF motives, dismissing the rhetoric and the ’Skunk’ as a public relations ploy to conceal the harsh means used in what they say is a campaign to stamp out legitimate opposition to the occupation. “Given the exaggerated, unlawful, and dangerous use of tear gas and bullets, we doubt the army’s characterization of these events,” said Sarit Michaeli of B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights organization.

Some Israel’s other so-called non-lethal weapons include ‘the Scream’, ‘LRAD’, ‘Thunder Generator’ – and of course Obama’s secret donation of 55 GBU-28 ‘Bunker buster’ bombs to the Zionist entity. For the longest time, Obama’s military advisers thought that the Zionist entity couldn’t mount an effective strike on the Iranian nuclear facilities because it didn’t have powerful enough munitions to blast underground and reach Iran’s buried facilities. The roughly 5,000 lb. GBU-28s, however, can burrow through 100 feet of ground before detonating.

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