AIPAC wants war on Iran for Israel


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“Rouhani’s election won’t change things. Israel Lobby (AIPAC) doesn’t want dialogue between Obama and Rouhani. It want a pro-Israel regime change in Tehran,” Stephen Lendman, an American Jewish investigative writer told Namavaran Network Corporation (NNC) in a recent interview.

On March 6, 2012, Occupy AIPAC placed an ad in the Wasgington daily The Hill with an open letter to Congress from the Americans of 99% and coalition of peace, justice and interfaith organizations. The ad said that AIPAC is on the warpath – this time on Iran. They say the US should be willing to attack Iran or actively join an Israeli attack.

British former foreign secretary Jack Straw who held talks with then Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator during 2003-2005, Hassan Rouhani, has advised the P5+1 powers to avail this golden opportunity to resolve their suspicion of Iran’s nuclear program which the vast majority of UN member nations and the international nuclear watchdog, IAEA, believe is being conducted within the NPT guidelines.

The Jewish lobby groups, both in the US and Britain fear that Washington may struck a deal with Rouhani regime in the near future. Therefore, they have already started a smearing campaign against the “moderate” President-elect Hassan Rouhani. British daily The Telegraph, reported on June 26 that Hassan Rouhani plagiarised part of the thesis for the doctorate he obtained from Glasgow Caledonian University in the 1990s.

The US lobby has accused Hassan Rouhani being involved in the bombing of Buenos Aires Jewish building (AMIA) in July 1994. The terrorist attack conducted by Israeli Mossad killed 85 people, mostly non-Jewish. The local Israel lobby first blamed Iran and later Lebanese Hizbullah for the said bombing. Last month, an Argentinian court ordered an investigation into country’s former interior minister Carlos Vladimir Corach’s (Jewish) involvement in the bombing of AMIA.

In 2007, Gwyneth Todd, a ranking US Navy official and former member of president Bill Clinton’s national security council, released secret information on Bush administration’s planned surprise attack on the Islamic Reublic as result of AIPAC anti-Iran campaign. Todd, in order to avoid arrest by FBI as a whistleblower, lives in Australia since then. In February 2013, Iranian Press TV’s documentary program “Untold Truth” aired Todd’s story. Watch the documentary at the end of this post.

The Zioconservatives and Bush planned false flage operation, which involved Admiral William Fallon, head of US Central Command, Vice-Admiral Kevin Cosgriff, Commander Lynn Chow, Israel and USS Liberty-style attack on a US Carrier and five supporting warships. The planned new Israeli 9/11 terrorist attack would have provided enough reason to destroy Israel’s another Muslim neighboring country.

The AIPAC and other pro-Israel Jewish groups are not expected to stop warmongering against Iran during Hassan Rouhani’s presidency. Unfortunately, it would be impossible for Rouhani to compete with the outgoing President Ahmadinejad’s achievements in foreign relations especially with Latin American and African countries, economic and scientific fields – and Ahmadinejad’s modest living. Watch a video on Ahmadinejad’s lifestyle below.

Niloufar Parsi posted a great article on her blog last month. Nilofour is an Iranian-UK international consultant in the field of international development. Read her post here.

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