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A transcript interview of John Lennon talking about the forces which govern the planet and what the future has in store. These people are the descendants of the rulers and Pharaohs of Egypt. The British Monarchy are the direct descendants of the Pharaoh of Egypt, their bloodlines and family history can be traced back to these rulers of the old world. As they prepare for global interdependency, the curtain on these people is slowly coming down and people are awakening to what these people want to do for all of us. I am not spreading fear as there is nothing to fear if you have love on your side. It is time to unite as humans to break down the barriers of religion, race, and politics and come together as one, as this is the only way we can defeat these people who want a global dictatorship, it is all about non-compliance and a willingness to let go and not to participate in the institutions these corrupt people have set up for all of us. So it is time to see through all the crap the corporate mass media want us to buy into, as the mass media is controlled by these people. When are you going to wake up and take control of your life and your destiny, this is our planet we should not have to pay for anything.....we are born and are bandaged to this planet we call Earth and these people play a game of monopoly with our lives. It's time we realize that money is not worth more than the toilet paper you wipe your arse with, and we belong to the land.