Kerry: We need to keep Israel as ‘regional bully’


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On May 31, two Israel-Firsters, US secretary of state John Kerry and his German counterpart, Guido Westerwelle, in a joint news conference in Washington DC, said Russia’s delivery of S-300 to Syria would tilt the balance of power against Israel.

“We ask them again not to upset the balance within the region in respect to Israel. Russian missiles would endanger the Geneva 2 talks and put Israel’s security at risk,” said Guido Westerwelle, German FM and Vice-Chancellor.

John Kerry said: “It’s not helpful to have S-300 transferred to the region while we are to organize the peace conference and create peace.”

Don’t these two self-denying Zionists know that both the US and Germany have been spoon-feeding with money and arms to the Zionist entity?

In April 2013, Tel Aviv received its fifth Dolfhin-class submarine, capable of launching missiles with nuclear warheads, from Germany. The first two nuclear submarines were donated for free while the third was given at a 50-percent discount. Germany also paid for a third of the fourth and fifth submarines. Germany has also announced it will give another nuclear submarine to Israel in the coming years and will pay about 135 million euro of the total 600-million-euro cost of the submarine.

The United States have been making an annual military donation of $3 billion to the Zionist entity for decades in addition to $3-6 billion annual financial aid and soft loans. In March, Barack Obama said the US would support Israel with military aid through 2017 and even beyond. Obama also said his team would work with the Congress about another $600 million over the next two years for the development of Israel’s Iron Dome missile system.

Russia has refused to backdown under western pressure, at least for the time-being, on delivery of S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to help Syrian government to defend the country from its foreign enemies who have been threatening it with military invasion for years. In fact, both Israel and Turkey have already carried airstrikes against Syria in support of armed rebels fighting Syrian army to bring an anti-Iran regime in Damascus.

In addition, as result of EU’s lifting ban on arms supply to Syrian rebels, Russian MIG manufacturer, Mikoyan Aircraft Company, has announced that it would deliver 10 MiG-29M2 jets to Syria as part of 2007 contract for the supply of 24 Mig-29s. The contract also covered Moscow’s sale of Yak-130 trainer jets and 20 Mi-25 helicopter gunships. The deal was put on hold in wake of western-funded armed rebellion over two years ago.

The MiG-29M2 will enhance the Syrian capability against possible attacks by Israel or NATO. Moscow warned the lifting of a European arms embargo on the rebels earlier this week could prompt it to abandon its restraints on weapons supplies to Damascus.

“Every decision has two sides. If one side is lifting restrictions, the other side can feel itself free from the commitments assumed earlier,” Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Thursday.

Early last month, Guido Westerwelle, was the keynote speaker at the World Jewish Congress conference in Budapest, Hungary. During his address he vowed to fight rising antisemitism in Germany and the rest of European nations. He also asserted that Israel has the right to defend herself (by attacking its neighbor first).

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