Canada: No arms for Syrian rebels


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I must admit, I could not believe my eyes when I read the news that our “Israeli poodle”, foreign minister John Baird has joined with both Tehran and Moscow in condemning European Union’s decision on Tuesday not to renew its embargo on arming the rebels fighting Syrian forces for over two years now. The embargo expires on June 1.

“John Baird said Ottawa won’t follow suit and instead supports a political solution to the civil war in Syria,” reprted the Toronto Sun on May 29, 2013.

Don’t forget, in the past, this dude had called Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “a brutal dictator”. Baird also closed diplomatic relations with ran, last year, accusing the Islamic regime of committing many “evil acts” including supporting Assad regime and arming Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah, Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighting Israel – and country’s President Ahmedinejad’s resolution to “wipe Israel off world map“.

Ottawa, in the past, had advised Assad to step down, but had refused to recognize the Western-funded anti-Assad ‘Syrian National Coalition (SNC)‘ as the legitimate representatives of the Syrian people. Canada’s committed allies, Britain, the US, France and Germany, with exception of Israel, have already blessed the SNC. John Baird decision could be the result of Israel’s change of mind on Assad regime. The SNC was established in Doha in November 2012. Its main backers are Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

“Better the devil we know than the demons we can only imagine if Syria fall into chaos, and the extremists from across the Arab world (armed and trained by Israel’s allies; the US, UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar) gain a foothold there,”an Israeli intelligence official was quoted by UK daily Times of London, on May 17, 2013.

Ottawa, classified Hizbullah “a terrorist organization” in 2004 – now along with Paris and Washington is leading a campaign for the European Union to declare Hizbullah a terrorist organization. A diplomat in Paris said Thursday Hizbullah’s support for Syrian regime was key to France’s change of heart.

Israel-Firsters, John Kerry and William Hagye have praised EU for not renewing its arms embargo against Syria. Both London and Paris have announced their plans to supply sophisticated arms to the rebels of their choices. In the meantime, the US along with Turkey and Qatar, pushed a UN resolution condemning the Syrian government for the alleged use of foreign fighters (Hizbullah) against rebel forces in the battle for the strategic town of Qusair. After the passage of the resolution, the US State Department called on Hezbollah to “immediately” withdraw its fighters from Syria. It’s new spokeswoman, Jen Psaki (a Zionist Catholic), called Hizbullah fighters’ involvement in Syrian conflict “unacceptable” and “dangerous”.

Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, has blasted the United States for its double standards. He stressed that the primary focus of Hizbollah fighters in Syria as stated by the leadership is the protection of the Shia population and holy sites from the threat posed by Wahabi/Salafi rebel forces.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson, Abbas Araqchi, warned EU nations that sending arms to Syrian rebels will bring terrorism closer to their homes. He was referring to EU’s anti-terrorist chief, Gilles de Kerchove’s admission last month that over 500 French, British, Irish and German citizens are fighting along rebels against Assad regime.

Tehran is planning to host the ‘Friends of Syria’ conference next month to discuss ways to bring a political solution to Syrian crisis that would usher regional stability. Government ministers and high-ranking officials from over 40 countries have pledged to attend the conference. Lakhdar Brahimi, UN and Arab League peace envoy for Syria has lauded the conference and expected to attend it.

Prominent British journalist, Simon Jenkins, writing in UK’s most Jewish daily Guardian on May 28, called western countries decision to supply more arms to Syrian rebels: “Our greatest miscalculation since the rise of fascism.”

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