Latest Chemtrails Over CASPERS home today 12/7/2010


The are the Latest Chemtrails Over my home in California today 12/7/2010

they Started at around 7:30 A.M. while taking My Son to School

Pictures were taken with my Samsung T659 they look Pretty Good for a Camera Phone..


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Thats pretty scary stuff. I have seen chemtrails as well although not for awhile, probably because it is dark in the mornings when I leave the house and dark when I come home. In the spring you can see them in the early morning.

I am just curious though how you can tell a chem trail from a vapor trail in the cold? anyone know


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I am just curious though how you can tell a chem trail from a vapor trail in the cold? anyone know

Chemtrails (chemical trails) stay in the sky for hours after a jet has flown by.
Contrails (condensation trails) disappear within minutes after the jet passes.

If you watch as the jets pass, you can easily spot the difference. You can see the short trail disappear before your eyes if it is a passenger jet. Chemtrail jet leftovers remain in the sky spreading as the chemicals fall to the ground.

I live relatively close to an airport and some days are clear, but most days have chemtrails.

tell me more

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Is that what those are? I've seen those my whole life. I just thought they were from normal air traffic. I never thought anything of it.


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Is that what those are? I've seen those my whole life. I just thought they were from normal air traffic. I never thought anything of it.

Yes, that's exactly what those are. Now that you know, pay more attention and learn the difference between contrails and chemtrails and tell as many people as you can, no matter how crazy they think you are. You'll be called things like "conspiracy nut", "crazy", etc., but don't let that stop you.


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You're diliuded. it's just condensation from the jet being so high in the atmosphere where it's cold. It's just liek the exhust from a car on a cold day. That's all it is. Of course there's gonna be these trails over california. High air traffic area. They have an international airport for F**k sakes!


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Big, big difference between "chem" and "con" trails. While, yes, the trails seen by commercial jets are from the exhaust much like your car, they soon disappear within minutes of the jet flying by....much like your car's exhaust on that cold day. Chemtrails don't disappear, rather they disapate throughout the course of a day.

Linda Brown

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The only time I saw the sky clear was in the days after 911 when all of the air traffic was grounded. Perhaps I need to learn more about " contrails" as opposed to" vapor trails" but ALL of them were gone during those quiet sky clear days... it was the oddest thing to look out and not see ONE plane ANYWHERE. I understand that it actually had an effect on the nationwide temperature because normally we are actually " clouded over" because there are so many " trails" in the sky.

So are the contrails supposed to be some sort of wierd mind altering conspiracy thing that I just haven't heard about yet. Oh Boy. Something ELSE to contemplate! Linda

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I'll try to word it as simply as I can to try to explain and hopefully, that will give you a better understanding. Sometimes I get a little more complex than I want to, but I'll do my best to try to keep it simple. :)

Contrails - can be likened to that of a car when you start it up on a cold day/morning. When you start your car in the cold and you get that white fog coming out, that's because of condensation, heat meeting the cold. Once you run the car long enough, the air temperature evens out (I don't know the science :) ), and the fog no longer happens.

Chemtrails - are those "clouds" that are leftover for hours (all day in some cases). They start out looking much like the above ConTrail, but unlike the contrail, these ChemTrails stay in the sky and spread out making their own sort of "cloud"-cover (which eventually, within hours, makes its way to the ground).

ConTrails = Condensation-Trails

ChemTrails = Chemical-Trails

I live by some major and minor airports and I can tell you for sure, there is a difference. I have watched the jets overhead on different days and you can see a mix of both regular air traffic as well as the ones that leave those trails. Some days around here are clear skies, and others are filled with these strips. Some of the strips have been circular, and others have been veering from left to right, and a common thing to see is criss-crossed patterns.

I believe they serve multiple purposes, what exactly, I don't know. There are those that point them to HAARP, and others to Sterilization, some even Terraforming, and others yet to numerous single projects. All I know is, it's not natural, so therefore I don't like it. :)