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Monday, July 20, 2009

On June 24 we put the article "Web Bot Update: World on brink of unimaginable events, which were very large response. Such an extensive overview of the-the creators of the Web-Bot latest public report (in its current form). The authors account for the then provisional view, because the world over about five or six months such a serious situation that further publications are no longer appropriate. * NOTE: People who are not so good at his somber messages warned.
This is no joke or sensationalism! *

Global Coast Event
In the previous reports of the Web Bot was other talk of a 'Global Costal Event' in the course of 2009 it was unclear what kind of event it would be. Among others was thought to massive flooding.

Now we conclude in mid 2009, the makers of Half Past Human, the directors of the Web Bot program, possible earlier this year of enormous ijsbrug Antarctica missed the beginning of a phenomenon is that in the course of several months to develop . It is striking that in Antarctica there are (super-) forces after the dismantling of the ijsbrug immediately set up an information stop.

A clear signal to the public that the Global Coastal Event 'will soon emerge will probably crash a big ship, that will form part of a' mission '. The Web Bot is not clear about, nor is it certain that this explanation is correct.

The great compression: volcanic and solar activity

A key concept that the time between now and the end of the year 2012 marked the word 'crush'. There are indications that the magnetic field of the Galactic core our entire solar system and everything in there is if it were squeezed together so that our Sun is more or less "crushed" will be. As' Hunab Ku 'approaches, the final date of the Maya on 21-12-2012, the consequences for our planet increasingly serious. Volcanic activities will increase significantly, animals (especially in the sea and the birds) will die en masse, and will among people around the world very many casualties.

In the first half of 2012, a solar crisis with devastating effects likely (to be confirmed by astronomers and NASA). However, these problems are nothing compared to what the Earth in 2013 (and beyond) is to wait, because the period of 'rest' after the press, which in 2012 will reach its peak, much will be devastating.
Massive ensure strange sleeping behavior and accidents

From now, summer 2009, will as a result of the growing 'press together' phenomenon more and more people will suffer from sleeping. First, the small groups, but in the autumn, this massive strike and will during the next three years only further.

The media will all come nepverklaringen misleading-such as an outbreak of the Mexican flu, but by fewer and fewer people believed once the problem is growing worse. The actual cause, an increasing unknown energy from the universe that are already in susceptible people and animals for sleep functions, will be major unrest and changes in behavior concerns. Hypnotics will prove to be correct but the problem worse.

Besides massive sleeping more and more people will either turn into slobbering, lethargy zombies, or at very aggressive ways to express, among other brands in increasingly abnormal sexual behavior. The sleeping society will only disrupt well as for a sharp increase in the number of accidents will-even by 50% - in both the movement and work in factories and other key institutions. This will be a number of major disasters worldwide occur in many fatalities.

Illuminati-death squads, earthquakes in Europe

In countries such as Great Britain and France will be short-term social chaos created, which the army will be deployed. The Web Bot for even the use of death squads, which are outside the normal police force will operate. Both Israel and the accused will Jezuiten behind the death squads to, but later revealed that the power elite behind the scenes, the high priests and popes of the Illuminati in this manner.

The recent earthquake in the vicinity of the Italian L'Aquila is the Web Bot the beginning of a series of earthquakes and landslides that further to the north by Europe will spread. Buildings and roads there will be damaged or destroyed. The global media will be the building show that a large hole in the ground will sink.
Mysterious woman with scars shocked the world

The latest Web Bot report devotes much attention to the striking appearance this summer or fall of a mysterious woman with scars that will matter much international debate. Possibly one of the 'whistleblowers', where there is always more to come. The woman has a certain spirituality and seek 'enlightenment'. Her scars are from her childhood, and probably has been locked up somewhere, either in prison or in psychiatric hospitals because they would have had to suffer attacks of evil spirits or evil beings.

Her appearance and actions will be for some shocking, especially for people in its vicinity. In addition, both persons in the Russian government as NASA involved. Canada seems to have something to do with it. The appearance of the scar wife takes a strange way connected with the financial markets and the promulgation of a "bank holiday" (the closing of all banks) in the autumn, and also a major incident that will provide a social disaster in both America and China.

The mysterious woman will, however, only a few weeks, especially the alternative media attention, because according to the Web Bot 'hell losbreekt in the financial markets', somewhere in the early or mid-autumn. Her first visible appearance has something to do with the ESA (European Space Agency) and an official report of an institute that does research on magnetism (/ magnetic fields, such as the Earth, the Sun and in the Area). The Web Bot data also provide a link with Antarctica.

From the 'shadow world' is mentioned more and more information will be leaked, so that the large mass slowly finally starts to get serious consideration for what the alternative media message. There will be talk of a special 'appearance', but it will have no connection with UFO's - at least not yet. However, this phenomenon clearly concentrated to South America. Through the mainstream media, the incident or the events are suppressed, but mankind will be expected through other channels still to be informed.

As autumn and winter progresses, the theme of 'contact' (with 'aliens') increasingly to the fore. The death of a prominent man, the 'woman with the scars' to the foreground while pushing a shock on the world. This dying man could very well be the source of revelations that we have discussed in previous reports. His death, where death society "Skulls & Bones seems a bad role to play, will also release a number of important documents concerned.

The 'breakthrough' of the 'woman with scars will happen around the time that other, bizarre stories and facts come to light, including disasters related to water (tensile) birds, rice and corn (a' storm ' of ultraviolet radiation from space will damage the crops). Meanwhile, the economic and financial collapse will accelerate. It also seems, also in connection with the 'whistleblowers' in the U.S. a chat which will be distributed to the overheids-/wetssysteem unable to be brought.

End 2009 - beginning 2010: war!

War! and even more war, predicts the Web Bot. Ellen Lange trains with wagons full of dead soldiers. October 26, 2009 is a breakpoint. Then 10 days of increasing uncertainty and tension, which the United States and its people to prepare for war. There are indications that there is serious threat of war at the international level, which has to do with economic fraud (derivatives market). There are allegations of plunder of the population by the government. Especially after November 5 will be threat to December high.

The war will be disastrous expired. The Web Bot sees evidence of a sudden attack and a massive destruction of the U.S. Defense, including the possible collapse of the Northern Fleet. The war will be used by the political elite to the total U.S. population control. In November and December, the Americans the effects are experienced. There followed dark days and there will be special (for-) signs in space are observed. The shocked population will massively on their knees and pray. On a national scale will be conducted mourning.

The Web Bot sees very strong indications of tension, chaos, disruption and war in the autumn and winter of 2009/2010. The "somewhat good news" could be that a certain degree of enlightenment could come and possibly even solutions. However, the data clearly enormous numbers of casualties during December and throughout the winter. However, there is still some uncertainty about the 'state' of the population of the U.S., the attitude of the people, who may be the result of the disasters could still influence. The data strongly indicate a literal war which the U.S. military will be involved, and the reports will be. After December 21 'see' the Web Bot grief, disasters, and countless victims will be transported by train.

Pre seem surprisingly strong support among the American population before the war to be. The data reveal a further link between the war and the death of the dollar, the collapse of financial markets and 'whistleblowers' by the government.

Israel destroys Iran, the world takes revenge

The war also includes a military attack by Israel on Iran, probably in the autumn after the 'breakpoint' on October 26 and will continue running in November and December. The Israeli air bombardment of Iran will be particularly cruel and large numbers of civilian victims. Iran will be affected so horrible, that far beyond the borders across South Asia will fall deaths (radiation? The use of nuclear weapons?). From the Israeli position, the attack a great success.

The rest of the world will be greatly shocked by the large numbers of civilian casualties. The data show that after the destruction of Iran worldwide attacks on Israeli targets will be committed, and in Israel itself, which a large part of the Israeli army will be destroyed. And the situation threatens to escalate.

The United States will interfere with the war going to the collapse of Israel's survival. The American army will be in the Middle East and in Europe are heavily attacked (possibly by "sleeping" terrorist cells of Hamas and Hezbollah, for example), leaving many victims will fall. These large losses, support for Israel among Americans quickly diminish.

The U.S. government gets into a panic because the Israeli attack on Iran the whole world is flat. In combination with the large numbers of American soldiers killed and stalling food rebellion will break out in the U.S., which will turn into a revolution. The power elite (Bilder Bergers / Illuminati) will then deadly attacks on the American public launch.

Confrontation with China, America loses

The Web Bot sees indications that this American power elite in confrontation with China regarding the destruction of the international social order in Southeast Asia will fail. The Bilderberg / Illuminati, the American military commitment here and the army so they wear, that the world as well as reports will be. Yet there appears to be no massive nuclear war to break out at some indicidenteel use nuclear weapons after. In addition, no foreign invasion of the American continent.

The war will last only briefly, about 2 to 3 months. The U.S. military will have reports, Iran is in ruins and most of Israel is on fire. Starting 2010, 55% of the U.S. population are unemployed. On every continent there is famine and death of millions, particularly in developed countries dependent on trade. Health care will everywhere collapsed, like the medicine production. In several countries, revolutions, as in Mexico and some Central and South American countries.

And then ... is the Web Bot really bad.

As the year 2012 is drawing ever nearer, there is increasing speculation about a possible intervention of aliens and a "staircase" or "ascension" and a change of reality. Will 'aliens' intervention to save mankind? Will people go to a dimension of "higher density" be transported ( 'ascension')? Will the future be changed through the power of our collective wishes (/ thoughts)?

That last point, we look first. Can the collective will of the people influence reality? This concept seems to be true. The demonstrable evidence of this was delivered on September 11, 2001, when during the first minutes of the global TV broadcasts about the attacks against the Freemasons-Twin Towers in New York there were major changes in the magnetic field of the Earth by satellites were recorded.

The answer to this question is a 'yes'. It seems that collective human emotions can bring about changes in magnetic fields, which in turn affect the whole planet. However, deliberately so large change in the Earth could cause so that the future is changed, mental training is needed, a gift that the vast majority of humanity does not possess. Perhaps changing the future as the planet mass surrender to the Zen Buddhism, but in the coming years is not very likely.

A 'staircase' or 'ascension' in one dimension with a higher density than? That could, but remember that you are the ballast of your own body will not be able to take, and we believe the definition of each permanent separation of body awareness and the 'death', at least, at least at our current standard. The idea of a physical ascension appears to us as nonsensical. The body is already something like the sum of a number of combined harmonic asymmetric energiën. Ancient cultures that came to the conclusion that there is such thing as an 'aura' (body) had to exist.

So again, if a 'ascension', then, the material body and the consciousness of this final separation, we call that 'dead'. Therefore, we believe the concept of the (Christian) Recording with the body by Divine intervention is transported to higher powers, in essence a 'prison'. Imagine you are bound to remain a physical body, even if no longer subject to decay and not age. That would be the concept of 'higher powers' only affect because it is limited to a physical expression of the reality. This event is unlikely and no solution that we should want in the context of the galactic changes from now until 2021 will take place.

Finally, any intervention of 'aliens'. Whether there is now talk of 'aliens' as' Christ' returns, or child friendly creatures, or rough and dangerous characters - the whole concept looks like a movie script-like belief system in an external savior. One of the things suggested is that 'aliens' in 2012 just before or at the last time the Earth will stabilize, or "time" change, universal or other measures to stop the disasters.

Do you see the problem with this scenario? Even if this happens - what then? Will the friendly aliens then just leave? Shall we then find out themselves? Or will they do in secret, so that Earthlings will never know (although we believe is very difficult, because such changes in physical phenomena visible influence on the evolution of our species).

And then there is the other side of the relationship between an external savior and those who are saved. It is of course never any equality, that those who are saved are in fact become a sort of pets. Anyway, the Web Bot data show that this is not expected to happen. It is therefore high time that people are 'super good people' and display courage and with the right mind will support.

Meditation and adequate sleep will probably work much better than medication, although much of this stuff at this moment in subterranean vaults are stored to be available to continue during the coming difficult times.

Back to the current situation. It seems that about a month or five or six all our money will be worth nothing. We at Half Past Human have enough money to until after the autumn to sing, but since then the days of disintegration will follow, we no longer have the mental strength to even agree a new Web Bot report. Moreover, there is the pressing question of where we should still have messages, given that we still have until the end of this year, before everything falls apart.

Part 6: The latest addition to the Web Bot Report

Climate change will in the course of the summer and autumn more intense and more bizarre phenomena show. This will be reflected in all forms of water such as oceans. The economic crisis brokkelt social structure in the U.S. ever further. We see everywhere food crises and political crises arise.

People will be increasingly affected by radiation from the Sun and will become ill. Unknown energiën from space are increasingly negative impact. The Web Bot sees two problems arise as a result of space technology from aliens.

October 26 is an important breaking point, on, around and after this date will be the world currency collapse, which shortly thereafter lead to war.

In the summer, probably in the course of July, we see more and more mass protests, which the media will be characterized as terrorism. In France, Great Britain and the U.S. population, however, increasingly against the media coverage times. More and more people will join local (protest) activities, but also distorted by the world press will be displayed. The anger against the press about the mainstream media lies, for instance, will express in gross mistreatment of journalists, especially of a few well-known TV personalities.

The power elite will then adjust their tactics, but will simply continue to feed the world with disinformation. Initially, they will ensure that the mainstream media reports about the massive protest demonstrations, but these events will still be known by the alternative (internet) media. This ensures that several brave people of these alternative media are becoming better known and more people are familiar. They will be attacked by the established elite. The outlook for them according to the Web Bot not good, many of them will be killed because the people want to continue telling the truth.

The power elite will therefore ensure that the riots will initially verstommen.Toch will be in the background a growing frustration about the false reporting by the world press and the suppression of the real news by the elite. Ultimately, this development is still against the power elite to reverse. In this context, see the Web Bot action by a major English-speaking presenter, more or less by chance a violent event in the context of social and political unrest in the U.S. filming.

The data in the Web Bot report that have a built in error margin of at least 18 days. This has to do with the time that the program requires that all data processing. Keep in mind so that certain events a deviation of about 3 weeks or longer, although the software as much as possible with this error trying to take hold.

The earlier part of the Web Bot report showed that the war in the beginning of November seems to be expected to occur in February 2010 will continue. Now the latest data are processed, it seems however, that the war and / or the consequences of this war at least until October 2010 will have their impact.

However, it is increasingly clear that the war will indeed partly resulting from the collapse of the dollar and this caused major political and social tensions, which are not only in the U.S., but also to the allies (Europe and Asia) will occur . The fascist Illuminati will now manipulate the population through their lakijen by the established media, and all other causes of the war for mirroring. Yet they can not prevent support for the war, in which the entire Anglo-American business community is involved, both in the U.S. population as the allies will crumble. Tens of millions of people will not believe the press and to realize that the war is a direct consequence of the collapse of the dollar.

Therefore, we in the U.S., Europe and Asia expect mass demonstrations and strikes. We concluded earlier that the U.S. military defeat on defeat will be handled, so the population mass mourning over the large numbers of victims will companies. Key to the Web Bot is also mourning except anger, rage, despair, hopelessness and confusion.

The propaganda machine, between October 2009 and March 2010 will run at full speed, will ultimately against the established order (and press) to reverse, and also against the American support for Israel.

Following the collapse of the dollar and the subsequent war will be nearly 2 / 3 of the population threatened by famine. In the spring of 2010 seems to be a kind of revival, but will be false and the dollar is not a new life will be revived. The next crisis will be more than what delayed. The death of the dollar has already announced a few years, but instead of a plostelinge explosion from inside slow all life from the currency and the world financial system sucked away, the problems for the masses increasingly serious. The banks and the dollar-based economies will blame themselves and the society eventually debris landfill.

That was actually much longer, since no paper money system on the planet ever longer than 72 years of activity. The Federal Reserve of the U.S., this collapse through massive corruption, looting and recapitalization through 2 decades of war still managed to stretch. Through the power of pressure from superior U.S. military, the dollar-at the expense of the population, so long managed to keep as a world reserve currency. In the autumn, however, clear that the American empire in many areas starts to falter and fail, and will increase confidence in the country and its currency and economy fading, and the collapse of the U.S. in a move will end up.

The many storms, floods and extreme drought will reflect the growing frustration among Americans about the false promises made by the current government. These phenomena will not only in the U.S., but worldwide occur. The weather around the world from the summer will be more extreme, as the confidence of the people in the established institutions, whether political, financial and religious, but only further diminish.

For the many people who still rely on the established media, the collapse of the dollar and the financial system in September and October as a real shock coming. This crisis, which will co-created by the blows of the derivatives market, in the alternative media, however, have long predicted and expected. The majority of people will be surprised, however, what many will cause severe emotional problems. The media will continue to produce forced 'good news' to the growing fear and panic among the population in check to keep.

The groups of people who are outside the established system will slowly but surely growing on alternative TV channels are observed. Examples include the many thousands of people who lose their homes and caravans and abandoned buildings will have to live. These people will communities become self-sufficient as far as possible.

The 'success stories' of these communities will trust in the authorities as regards the large pressurized food control and food shipments increasingly undermined. The international supply lines of food products will begin to travel.

Regarding UFO's Web Bot sees during the summer of 2009, a growing number of observations and also the possibility that certain evidence about the existence of UFO's and aliens out will bring. In this context we see the actions of a financially successful person as a 'whistleblower'. Because this person has a perfect timing with the outside of his information, exactly during the economic collapse, the elite few at him first, and will even promote him initially, but to their own goals.

This creates a huge 'more' of a very large army of former government workers who can no longer paid as a result of the financial crisis. By the appearance of the famous' whistleblower 'they think that they know something, and they will try the' success' of whistleblowing to match or surpass. Then cut the thin barrier behind the massive 'more', and creates it from the standpoint of the elite a massive flood of revelations.

At the same time, the Web Bot sees the influence of certain energy waves that seem to come from 'higher powers' or other dimensions, and a big and shocking impact on many people who hitherto were insensitive to external sensory perceptions and store experiences. Examples include the sudden hearing of high tones flute or without cause on the ground be thrown by an invisible gravitational wave. This unknown energiën will literally bring knikkende knees, and people of all races, classes, sexes and ages take. This phenomenon will in the course of 2010 and 2011 increasingly powerful. The gravity waves are from the second half of 2009 and throughout 2010, the traffic will disrupt.

From the summer of 2009 begins the surrealistic 'supernatural' world slowly like a blanket on the planet to fall. The weather will respond by becoming more extreme, the 'almost normal' days will be experienced as a relief amid increasingly protracted periods of severe weather, which will consist of powerful storms caused by rapidly warming oceans, which in turn is caused by the increasingly powerful set of energiën from space.

The normal weather pattern that is used as humanity will cease to exist, which humans, animals and insects are always abnormaler will behave. By the autumn, approximately 1 / 3 of the world with at least one daily face disruption due to the permanent changing weather pattern.

The diseases that arise as a result of the Sun and the energiën from space in winter will be accompanied by a disastrous other illness. In the second half of 2009 will see the Web Bot volcanoes, cities and islands affected by earthquakes, changing air, depleting ijsplaten and troubled oceans. It is all part of universal humanity changes by the collective throat will be pushed.

The turbulence of the oceans will include ensuring a rising sea level and sudden changes of coastlines, but also for abnormal tidal waves, disappearing islands or the emergence of new islands, coastal flow changes, new wind patterns, extremely warm ocean water, dying fish and sea animals, and excessive intake of water from the oceans into the atmosphere.

In relation to climate change and alleged breach this will be increasingly overt attention for "chemtrails." Earlier this year Obama has suggested the Government, through chemtrails' global warming 'to them. According to our expectations, the two sides merge: or chem trails are officially announced as a method to combat climate change, or the idea is put overboard as too costly. The idea here is that the secrecy of the current chem trail program costs too much money, and that removal of this secrecy is possible to ensure that the program can continue.

The purpose of chemtrails is blocking the light from the Sun, because much more clearly that the Sun is the main responsible for the emergence of climate change. The economic collapse and the impending war, the production of chem trails by the elite as possible, however, must be rethought, because resources (including aircraft) may no longer be available.

In the spring of 2010, however, many seem to act volcanic eruptions, which spew huge amounts of the Volcanic Ash in the atmosphere may be the use of chem trails override wordt.Als result of this Volcanic Ash will be the global air traffic disrupted.

The decreasing magnetic field, in combination with the increasing activity of the Sun and the unknown energiën from space for more and more problems to worry. This is what we have all the 'great crowd' called.

Partly as a result, the power elite part of its control over the world lose what 'psychosis' in the upper echelons of these powers will. Through other control will be a part of their panic to curb, but they will not be able to prevent, inter alia, due to the increasing bad weather their control over society will finally diminish.

From their ranks, there seems to be at least one person to 'escape', a person who is sensitive about the power elite to outside offers. Then, the elite through various measures to try their power and control to continue. However, they will be forced to their long-term plans in favor of temporary measures. If they see a new revolution they originally created for their own purposes, try to use very quickly to their dismay they find that this will not be able. This will be a massive global 'people movement' emerged which opposed the established political order and will reverse. This will already start in 2009 and in 2010 more powerful.

As the Web Bot in 2007 predicted the collapse of the commercial real estate now begun. In the summer we will see the first people who will go into hiding in abandoned buildings and empty shopping centers.

In October following the final death of the dollar. First, it created a devastating deflationary wave, which later will turn into hyperinflation and greatly increased prices. The massive deflation, the dollar within the limits of the U.S. just to keep up. In November and December, the Web Bot expects the impact on the currency-goods, food and medicine markets. Gold and silver (mainly coins) appears already in a "gray market" activity, apart from the official (modified) trade. The precious metals are at the end of the summer and autumn definitely emerge from the stranglehold of the paper dollar / debt.

Half Past Human we see it as a unique privilege to know in advance what probably will happen, and also about when. Think it is tightened and a lot of unnecessary ballast in this life comes from your shoulders in the light of what is to happen. At the insistence of many over several months will be a new Web Bot report, but have adapted and in other forms. Instead of an expected 3-6 months we will have much more time to analyze, so we finally earned our long holiday can enjoy. Especially in the light of the fact that the world in its present form just a few years to go, it is important to take time for yourself to everything and the whole life to think again.

"Knowledge of what to come is a privilege '
Elite lose some control

Volcanic eruptions dim sunlight
Diseases, sea level rise, chem trails

Unknown energiën from space disrupt climate and behavior
More and more observations and evidence of UFO's

Confidence in political institutions and decreases
Nearly 2 / 3 world population threatened with starvation

War takes up to October 2010
Revolt against the lies of established media

Meditation; Money 5, 6 months worth nothing
Extraterrestrial intervention? 'Ascension' or Recognition? A savior?

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