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Kurt Nimmo
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The H1N1 flu scare was a dismal failure. People informed about the health risks refused to get the vaccination. The United Nation’s World Health Organization tried to stampede people into getting the shot by declaring a level six pandemic. The CDC issued apocalyptic warnings. Most people ignored them.

British researchers claim seasonal flu vaccinations will reduce the risk of heart attack. Photo: El Alvi.The medical establishment, however, has not given up its efforts to convince people toxic vaccines are good for them.

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal insists the seasonal flu vaccine reduces the risk of heart attack. In a study of almost 79,000 patients at 379 family practices in England and Wales, researchers claim annual flu vaccinations were associated with a significant drop in the rate of a first heart attack, according to the Canadian Press.

Dr. Niroshan Siriwardena, a family practitioner and a researcher at the University of Lincoln, said the study is hardly conclusive proof. “So there’s still a debate about whether this is a true link or not,” said Siriwardena, noting that the only way to confirm the results would be with randomized controlled trials, which would compare patients who get a flu shot against those given a dummy shot.

Governments frittered away billions of tax payer dollars on Big Pharma vaccinations. In the fourth quarter of 2009, one pharma monster, GlaxoSmithKline, sold $1.36 billion worth of H1N1 vaccine. By January of the following year, governments were canceling orders because people refused to take the vaccinations.

“Wall Street hucksters have nothing on Big Pharma, the CDC and the WHO, all of which conspired to mislead the public and generate irrational fear in order to make money selling people vaccine shots they never needed in the first place,” writes Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. “The drug companies raked in billions of dollars in revenues while providing a product that offered absolutely no net reduction in mortality. In fact, as the long-term side effects of the vaccines remain unknown, it could turn out that the vaccines actually result in a net increase in mortality.”

Certain brands of swine flu vaccine are linked to an increase in the rare condition narcolepsy, which causes sufferers to suddenly fall asleep at random times. In Finland, one brand — Pandemrix, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline — was banned and officials in Sweden have started a Europe-wide investigation into the vaccine.

In India, a measles vaccination recently provided deadly when four children died after taking the drug. “Grief-stricken parents said their babies started frothing at the mouth and nose and died within 15 to 20 minutes of being administered the vaccine,” iGovernment reported. The Ministry of Heath and Family Welfare in India recalled over four million doses of the vaccine.

By October of last year, less than half of Americans said they planned to get the H1N1 vaccination. “The public’s skepticism over the vaccine has persisted despite health experts’ warning that the unpredictable H1N1 virus, which can cause very severe complications even in healthy young adults and children, has reached pandemic proportions,” NPR reported.

No pandemic occurred, thus proving that so-called health experts are more easily fooled by government and Big Pharma propaganda than the average person.

A poll conducted in September of last year revealed that most Americans would not take an H1N1 flu vaccine or an additive authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration, according to a University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and University of Georgia study. Fewer than 10 percent of those surveyed said they would be willing to take such a vaccine and nearly 30 percent remained undecided.

By March of this year, governments were scrambling to sell the vaccines back to Big Pharma. The Dutch government tried to get GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis to buy back the vaccination. Dozens of other governments were stuck with millions of vaccines people would not take.

Millions of people refusing to be vaccinated is a problem for government. In response, the British government has decided to secretly vaccinate the population.

“The H1N1 vaccine will be mixed into the regular flu jab for OAPs, pregnant women and others at high risk,” reports News of the World. “While millions refused to take the jab during last winter’s pandemic, this time they will have no choice if they want to be protected against normal flu.”

The British government was stuck with 30 million H1N1 vaccines when the contrived pandemic fizzled out earlier this year.

Kurt Nimmo edits Infowars.com. He is the author of Another Day in the Empire: Life In Neoconservative America.

'Flu Shot May Prevent Heart Attack' (Will Also Grant Immortality and Make You Rich

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'Getting a seasonal flu shot may not only prevent influenza — it may also stop some people from having a heart attack, new research suggests. In a study of almost 79,000 patients at 379 family practices in England and Wales, researchers found annual flu vaccinations were associated with a significant drop in the rate of a first heart attack.

"Flu vaccination is obviously given to prevent flu and complications of flu where you may need hospitalization," said lead author Dr. Niroshan Siriwardena, a family practitioner and a researcher at the University of Lincoln. "But now the finding suggests there's an additional benefit in terms of reduction of heart attack," he said Monday from Lincoln, England.'

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