Led audio meditation - For relaxation, positive frame of mind & achieving goals


This is a led meditation I've produced, using different techniques and technologies for optimal effects. Grab yourself relaxed and feeling good, cured, cleaned, enter an optimistic attitude, achieve goals you've, and eliminate stress and worries.

This can be a led and instructed meditation, where I additionally apply certain hypnotic approaches for self-hypnosis from my background with hypnosis, together with a particular audio technology known as Hemi-Sync that by itself puts you right into a very relaxed frame of mind.

I'll be a lot more than glad for just about any feedback from individuals who try it out!

To Use:

1. Lie lower inside a relaxed and comfy position, with eyes closed.

2. Use earphones for optimal results and much deeper relaxation. Can nonetheless be used without earphones though.

3. Play the video and follow instructions and merely let yourself float into relaxation.

Enjoy, and relax!