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For whatever it's worth, I'm not a religious person ... I do not go church nor do I belong to a parish ministry, temple or synagog

For some reason I have an over whelming need to share my experience with the thing we call God.

Some of you may have read my reply to Lady of Light's post regarding Astral Projection. I spoke about an incident when I was in college while on retreat with a class of mine. Perhaps I was in denial for ten years because astral projection wasn't the only thing "weird" that happen to me at the monastery. In fact there is an entire chapter in my book dedicated to those events. In short, the Lama asked me if I remembered the first time we had met. I told her yes, but I refused to confess because the memory I had was unexplainable. After some encouragement, I slowly began to describe my memory with emotional difficulty. Each time I stopped, the Lama finished the sentence, and her memory turned out to be identical to my memory; proving it was real and not influenced by anything artificial.

One of the last things the Lama told me was, "I believe you were one of the first, if not Thee First." She did not elaborate any further than that, however, some believe the 'first' to fall from heaven were the angels. According to her statement, if I was Thee First, it would mean I was the first angel to fall from heaven or Lucifer. That is really scary because it could explain so many unexplainable things that have happened in my life, and are currently taking place in the world we live in. However, as a society we are indoctrinated to "say" we believe in God, however, those who truly believe in God, are publically ridiculed for being "crazy." The effect is chaos and inner turmoil, doubt and insecurity.

The term "Satan" is used to paint a picture of the worst evil imaginable. Although, Satan is not Lucifer, it is a term which has been given to Lucifer by humans, Freemasons in order to build fear in people. However, Lucifer is one of God's angels. He is the youngest of the angels and arguably God's favorite angel, which is why his brethren became resentful towards him. So it is important that we understand how Lucifer is not evil, humans are evil for creating the evil used to describe him.

Time proves every truth, and each day the Lama's words ring louder. I am beginning to realize that although we may control our own destiny, our fate cannot be changed.