Truth feeder
Mike Adams,
Natural News
April 11, 2011

Where can you go to find “trusted” news about Fukushima? Well according to Google News, only the mainstream sources are “trusted” these days. That’s why they’ve removed nearly all alternative news sites from their news index, leaving only the monotone, mindless canned mainstream news sources for people to read.

But just how mindless are these mainstream news sources? To find out, I did a Google search on spent fuel rods and plutonium, and the results were a*massive regurgitation of the exact same news from multiple mainstream news sources.

See the search result yourself with the screen shot we took at:http://www.naturalnews.com/images/G…

Here are the news story titles you see in the Google search results:

Plutonium in troubled reactors, spent fuel pools – Yahoo! News
Plutonium in troubled reactors, spent fuel pools – Physorg.com
Plutonium in troubled reactors, spent fuel pools – Washington Post
Plutonium in troubled reactors, spent fuel pools – Fox News
Plutonium in troubled reactors, spent fuel pools – Forbes.com
Plutonium in troubled reactors, spent fuel pools – CBS News
Plutonium in troubled reactors, spent fuel pools – San Francisco Gate
Plutonium in troubled reactors, spent fuel pools – Boston Globe
Plutonium in troubled reactors, spent fuel pools – MSNBC
Plutonium in troubled reactors, spent fuel pools – Denver Post

… followed by a long list of local TV news stations regurgitating the exact same news, word for word.

Copy and paste the propaganda

Now, keep in mind that these news sources are considered the “trusted” news sources by Google News and most consumers. And yet, when you really get right down to it, these are all news sites that merely copy and paste the same exact stories from Associated Press or Reuters. In other words, these sites aren’t even writing their own news! They are worse than bloggers who at least offer some unique analysis of the news.

Google says its search engine penalizes sites for carrying “duplicate content.” And yet we see no evidence of penalties for these mainstream news sites that rip off the same exact news, word for word, from the AP and Reuters news wires. After all, these are the top-ranking search results — and they’re all exactly the same!

If anybody other than the mainstream media did this, they would be immediately accused of running a “content farm” and be banned from the Google index. For some reason, Google seems to allow the mainstream media a free pass on the mass duplication of the exact same content. In fact, Google News actually seems to favor it! The more you parrot AP and Reuters, the more they love ya!

Do you have original news content? They aren’t interested in that. But if you copy and paste Associated Press stories, you get top billing!

Did you drink your homogenized, pasteurized news for breakfast?

Over the last few months, Google News says it has been “cleaning up” its listing of news sources over the last few months by dropping what it calls “low quality” news sites (which means any independent or alternative media source, of course). The resulting news on Google News is a homogenized, dumbed-down compilation of idiot phrases parroted by the mindless mainstream media. If you want to read the same exact news, over and over again, written by the centrally-controlled AP and Reuters reporters who don’t even understand the laws of physics *(http://www.naturalnews.com/031935_m…), then you now know where to get it!

If you want independent, intelligent analysis of world events, however, you’ll need to get your news from truly*independent sources like NaturalNews.com or Infowars.com. Some of the best sources of information on the*Fukushima*disaster in particular are*www.lucaswhitefieldhixson.com and*www.fairewinds.com

Make no mistake, folks: Google News used to offer a diverse ecosystem of intelligent news and analysis. It used to be one of my favorite sources for news research. But today, it has sadly become just another mouthpiece for monotonous disinfo regurgitated word for word by all the same conformist media sources.

Until Google News decides to bring back independent news sources, I have completely stopped using it, and I advise everyone else to do the same. After all, if I want regurgitated propaganda from the news wires, I can just turn on CNN!