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What does Mandala

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. Symbolic here is the infinity of life that mean. A Mandala is as it were a blueprint of the infinite cosmos again. In the original form of the Mandala as used in Hinduism and Buddhism, the Mandala magical diagrams from which images of gods and symbols. This Mandala's needed (and still) as an aid to meditation. This insight could be obtained in certain wisdom. Thus was the Mandala to the inauguration of the monk.

The Mandala was not only as an image, but also as a basis for the architecture used. For example for the basic shape of Tibetan monasteries. In this way, the spirit through the images prohibited cosmic insights and the body by entering the buildings. Each form of the Mandala offers the symbols through his own understanding and to bear its own energy.

Mandala in the West


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Re: Mandala's Saturday, February 21, 2009 Part 2

The essence of the Oriental Mandala, is now also used to a more Western way. The Oriental Mandala is a true cosmic blueprint and the West more personal. The symbols and colors we indicate how we at the moment in life. This allows you focus on your home or receive Mandala meditation.

Shows, embroidery, painting or dancing within the space of the infinite circle contact with our own inner core. The core of all our oerweten present, our own connection. All life forms from the origin, all qualities are present. As a seed all properties to a large cherry tree to grow, it is the environment where the seed down, and growing up, whether or not the total development area. The core of the Mandala is the seed with all its qualities, the area to the circle edge symbolizes the space to grow, the circle indicates the limit of developing the potential of the seed, but also its infinity. If the flower or the tree is grown will die, food for the earth and to new life.

This idea is by creating a Mandala made contact with your core, your strength present location. It worked within the area of the circle, or from the core with the energy of different movements, shapes and colors. Everything with its own universal significance and personal value. Although we sometimes appear due to daily events are no longer in contact with our liaison in us, everything that happens has its reason and unconsciously, we know this.

Mandala and its sign applications

For Mandala Drawing using everything inspires us. Nature everything grows and flourishes, the architecture with its magnificent rose windows, minerals and their crystal-like growth patterns, the planets, the spiral movement, with its vibrant human connection and the flow of emotions. Different cultures contribute their artistic expressions of the spiritual essence-Mandala for instance, Indian motifs, Buddhist sand mandalas, sacred dances of the Aborigines and Celtic braiding. This also serves as the inspiration of the Mandala Drawing.

As mentioned earlier, you can in many ways involved in making Mandala such as: embroidery, painting, pasting, stained glass etc. I prefer to sign it themselves, because working with a color pencil calls special attention and space to individual interpretation. You can use color pencil very soft, but firm up. By mixing colors again created beautiful new colors.

Mandala's are

When you are creating a Mandala is first used distributions, help lines and circles. They are using a compass and a ruler put on paper. Below you go with color pencil give. These can be mirrored forms, static or dynamic rosette, but also flower motifs, crystal, free movements, Celtic wicker etc. All with its own energy. Before you end your Mandala is spontaneously chosen to paint with colors, you get the help away. After the paint you a beautiful gift to yourself.


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Re: Mandala's Saturday, February 21, 2009 Part 3

Making a Mandala can be used as a mirror to yourself. The organization and concentration, the distribution that a certain vibration and cause the paint, which is more intuitive, provide a snapshot of yourself again. You may sign during the movements, or places at which you find more difficult to make or form. You can get additional attention. It is a mirror to your daily life, how do with what happens to and how you can influence? Movements on paper, colors, and distributions have their own energy and can affect your life. Each site of the Mandala is a place in your being and environment. Each movement and color has its symbolic value. This allows you to distract you any trouble with you, what your strengths or weaknesses are. This is good, nothing is wrong. All during the sign is real and has happened to you its own functional and / or intuitive value. If you choose to use make Mandala's in touch with your intuitive source, you can present this information to use and possibly in your daily life to apply.

Intuitive Mandala

When an intuitive Mandala signs and circles without help, please fill in the circle space from your feelings. You get done and gives you great on the color and the color of food energy. Each color, like the movement its own energy and meaning. You choose the color that is currently good. You learn to trust yourself. Via an intuitive step Mandala you all were inside the seed and its combination effect. Such intuitive Mandala can establish what you are currently involved or give you an energy food which is currently needed.


If you choose to create a Mandala is good, before you are to work, a quiet moment to look within yourself. You can achieve on your own, through your own ritual your stuff ready to make a candle to stabbing incense and a nice tang to a good atmosphere. It is also a good preparation for the signing anything good breathing exercises to do, where you are on the inhalation to strength and inspiration to get inside and on the exhalation of the day things to let go. Even a good connection with the 'now' moment. I have used on an Elementary teacher had they let us always to draw a Mandala create a calm moment. She wanted us all straight in our chairs were sitting with your knees together and our hands on the knees. We had to close our eyes and focus on our stuitje. She told us that there stuitje a root grew, the roots went through the ground to the center of the globe. We had then to invent what the root of things and objects encountered during the journey to the center of the globe. If we once at the center of the earth had arrived, then told them that it was warm and the sun shone and there was a place of happiness. And that happiness and warmth that we all felt. I can tell you from personal experience that this way is very nice to you back there and to search for your rest time.


Very pleasant it is for the signs to meditate. Here you can choose your meditation as well nar goes to yourself and let happen what's good for you. You can also choose to meditate on the theme of your Mandala. Choose for example to create a flower mandala, then you can during the meditation to be undertaken by a garden of beautiful flowers. If you are the color play, the diet of flowers and scents and yourself in the center of places. There are also very nice meditation CDs available, but you just carry on your favorite music atmosphere that is also possible.


The fine for Mandala Drawing is that, for any age to apply. There is always room for in their own way, with your own ability to work. There are artistic effects and by yourself. Mandala Drawing is a way of often busy times even to yourself to come and feed you your own place to find. How are you in life and how do you do with them.

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