The I AM or the higher self is all that you have." - Kirael thru Fred Sterling

The golden opportunities of Higher Destiny on spaceship Earth are knocking if you are in the right place at the right time and in the right state of consciousness this week. Entrance to a greater sense of Self and self truth are potent now as your evolutionary cosmic seeds of consciousness are rooting and streaming into your Earth existence. New ideas from the soul self are ready to plunge you far beyond what you presently perceive. Support is here to augment your newest intelligences. It doesn't matter if you consciously recognize the newest tools of human form or not; truth is most of us are still in the developmental phase of establishing a relationship with our expanded perceptual flexibility. A little eccentricity and innovation on your part this week though will give the Universe a thumbs-up signal that you are ready to embark upon the time and territory of positive change.

In many regards you will know access to new parameters of perceptions is occurring if you are questioning anything in your life right now. Understand too that questioning can take the form of attitudes of discontent, indifference, and confusion. Some in my world are feeling like they have nothing to give . . . they are soul searching for a greater meaning and not being satisfied with what they are looking upon each day. Others are in the unrelenting company of frustration, feeling imprisoned by their own limitations. If you can relate to similar attitudes and feelings you'll be happy to hear that it is all the workings of Sweet Spirit caressing you with the latest version of your newest nature. As more Source-affirming currents are anchored into your field and form you sense It and become antsy. Instead of tuning in to what needs to be integrated in our consciousness, we usually head right for self-condemnation.

There is a distinct mood change occurring as swiftly moving galactic winds take us into the Aquarian Age and 2,125 years of empowerment and remembrance. Spiritual knowledge is showing up in all kinds of places. Just last week the President of the United States stood before congress and appealed to their innate sense of unity. While what lays ahead on the path for the United States is uncertain President Obama continually strives to offer the olive branch of harmony and peace among all peoples. If you observe from an objective viewpoint you'll notice his demeanor of leadership demonstrates a ballast of discernment between false illusions and intuitive truth. It is part of the shift that is in the making.

If you are one of those souls who have brought balance into your life through transformation; gained understandings of universal law and the true essence of physicality then get ready, you too are about to be recognized as a teaching force in this domain. Why? Because that Higher Destiny that is working for everyone isn't leaving any souls behind. It is practice time for all conscious creators; a greater encodement of Light is ready to be expressed and lived on Earth.

Waves of Source-point energies that were previously dormant are now activated. Universal Mother Nature is sounding a call and large contingents of earthlings will be taking an evolutionary leap of consciousness that can alter their form and expression of existence. This productive time period of 2012 resounds with a vibration that rapidly expands your potential even while you and the world continue in a massive reconfiguration. Be mindful of the social, economic and relationship stresses that are being purged in order that we can share power and authority with "others" rather than fight for control. You do not have to be part of a collective dilemma that associates with fear, limitation, and separation.

If you want to ride on the leading edge of where we are headed instead of in the middle of the pack begin to stay grounded by movement, indoors or out and keeping your energy moving with gentle, deep breathing. It is also a time to pay attention to your immune system. The health of your immune system extends far beyond the physical layers of well-being to encompass the expanded energetic realms around you. Your resistance to illness, disease, emotional/mental projections, entity attachment, and electronic interference largely depends upon the vitality of your chi or life force. As February anchors you are expanding the capacity of your life force which is why I suggest combining movement, breathing and visualizations/energy exercises. This will broaden your life force channels to include the galactic layers of your immune system. February is going to highlight the creative power of the images we place our attention on. To strengthen your physical and spiritual immunity, you must energize the images of being completely supported by the infinity of the cosmos and the plentitude of Earth's living library.

Another event that kicks off in February is the choice to have a new agreement with, and regarding, the nature of time. Inside 5D there is a deepening decay and transformation of linear time so be ready to re-align and re-evaluate your relationship to "time." Linear time and calendars have served the hierarchical models of commerce and control. The 5D multi-dimensional model serves the evolution of human consciousness. In terms of understanding how you might function in each think of this: in 3D linear time you can only see the back of the "self" ahead of you; you don't see who's behind you and you are constantly waiting to move forward - to a place you can't really see. This model is orderly, but very limited indeed.

The multi-dimensional model is spherical - a circular, cyclical, spiraling model of time. Imagine standing in a circle of people. You can simultaneously see, connect and learn from aspects of your many "selves," and you can move together in unison and with greater cooperation amongst "ourselves." Each aspect of self has a unique perspective and clues to add to the story of the circle making it a complete "whole." With Gaia moving more towards a multi-dimensional perspective just become aware and steer away from the impatient, isolating lines and create more loving circles of people around you.

Think of February as a harmonic field of light that is generating a new definition of Self. Personal resonance and inner alignment are your goals. This is how the soul is re-establishing itself here. Draw your attention each day to the eye of God on a human plane. Be diligent in the task of energy management; assume the position of strength and calm supportive alignment to thought that holds light. Remember my friends, that whatever you make matter by your thoughts literally makes matter, or form, in your experience. You do not have the luxury of ignorance any longer. If you can maintain your focus on your awakening then the volition of creation will carry you to the Divine psyche of God in wo/man.

Dancing down the passageway of fantastic cosmic schemes with you -

Rev. Angela

© 2012 Angela Peregoff *