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In a recent interview, Israel’s new opposition leader, Gen. Saul Mofaz, told the New York Times (April 6, 2012) that Israel has bigger fish to fry than Iran’s nuclear program. He said that Benji Netanyahu is using Iran’s nuclear program to divert public attention from solving Israel’s evergrowing Palestinian problem. Mofaz said Netanyahu government’s priorities should be making peace with Palestinians, ending building illegal Jewish settlements in most of the West Bank and reducing the country’s acute economic disparity. According to 2011 survey, one out of every three Jewish children in Israel lives below poverty line.

“Let President Obama handle Iran. We can trust him,” said Mofaz, the Tehran-born Iranian Jew.

I’m sure, no friend of Palestinian people can trust Mofaz after learning his idea of “peace with Palestinians“. In November 2009, Mofaz laid out his vision of a separate Palestinian State to Uriel Heilman of Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA). Mofaz’s plan for the annihilation of the remaining native Muslim and Christian Palestinian population is no different than any other Zionist leaders.

Mofaz’s plan went like this – First establish a Palestinian state with temporary borders on 60% of the West Bank. Then in the course of 4-6 years, the two sides would negotiate the final-status issues, including permanent borders. The final deal would be put to national referendums in Israel and Palestine.

During Mofaz’s “waiting period” – no illegal Jewish settlement would be dismantled and both the West Bank and Gaza Strip would be united under a “moderate” Palestinian government – acceptable to the US and Israel ofcourse!

And after Zionists ’great offer’ becomes a reality – Jerusalem would remain united under Zionist entity’s sovereignty, the large Jewish settlement blocks in the West Bank would be annexed to the Zionist entity – and the Palestinian state would be completely demilitarized.

In other words, Mofaz’s plan for the occupied Palestine is no different than Obama’s plan for the Islamic Republic – as desribed by former head of the IAEA, Dr. Mohmed ElBaradei: “The were not interested in a compromise with the government in Tehran, but regime change – by any mean necessary“. That’s No DEAL except SUBMISSION to Zionist Jews – watch-movie below.

The latest USraeli pre-conditions set on Iran’s nuclear program are so humiliating that no Iranian government would dare to submit to -fearing it being toppled by a second 1979 Islamic Revolution.

1. Israeli defense minister Gen. Ehud Barak (famous for dressing-up as a woman while working for Israeli military intelligence) has demanded that Iran must halt its 20% enrichment processing activities and transfer already enriched uranium material to a USrael trusted neighboring country, such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan or Turkey. The con-Jew also demanded that Iran’s underground nuclear facility, Fordo, be extensively suprvised by IAEA officials. Since Barak (wanted for war crimes in several countries) was being interviewed by an Israeli Hasbara organ CNN – he was assured the interviewer would never ask if Israel would transfer its 400 nuclear bomb to Turkey, Pakistan or Nigeria – and open its five nuclear sites for IAEA inspections.

Later, Hillary Clinton, took her Israeli master’s demands as Washington’s pre-condition to accept Tehran’s claim that its nuclear program is not for military use – but for power-generation and medical research.

So, the bottom line is – the P5+1 warmongers want the new negotiations to fail and USrael will naturally blame the Islamic Republic for that.

Mofaz: ‘Israelis can trust Obama on Iran