Moon to have no-fly zones by month end

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No-fly zones will come into effect on the moon for the very first time by the end of this month! Why, even buffer zones that spacecraft may have to avoid will come into existence. The reason: avoiding any spraying of rocket exhaust or dust onto certain historical sites and artefacts on the moon.

The historical sites are of course the Apollo landing sites and artefacts present on the moon. And the “recommendations” are for preserving and protecting these historical sites. There are currently more than three dozen historical sites that preserve the more than four-decade-old remains.

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NASA Announces 'Forbidden Zones'...On Moon..!

NASA Announces 'Forbidden Zones'...On Moon!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 1:33


Note from author: This story originally broke in India. The American media is ignoring it. Why? Moon to have no-fly zones by month end. - The Hindu ... For those that may question The Hindu as a credible source, the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts believes The Hindu is a credible news source. They link to it themselves on this page (scroll on NIAC page to see link to The Hindu article about NASA's future). This story is real.


They Say: THE PURPOSE: NASA's "recommendations" of no-fly zones are for preserving and protecting Apollo missions' historical sites and artefacts?

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Obviously they are there now and want to keep us out. What are they hiding, why now, are they afraid commercial space flight is around the cornering? And if the general public does get space flight soon, whats going to stop us from flying near "no fly zones" with a telescope? Will they shot us down?


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Oh, their there alright. They've been there for some time now. I like to think of the moon as the deathstar from star wars. It looks enough like it and I've heard it said that it's a ship.

This whole no fly zone crap is a big joke. Let's look at it from a "five sense reality" point of view. If there's no life on the moon and we can't get back there since that famed apollo mission, then why oh why would they have to make "NO FLY ZONES"? If we can't get there, then what difference does it make?

What is sooooo important on the moon that they need to keep it covered up?

Are enough people creating their own 'ships' that they can no longer control us from leaving the planet? REally, what is it then?

Maybe there will be commercial flights available into space soon. Hell, they've been talking about that enough in the last decade or so, but never allowed it.

The real question is, what the hell are the illuminati up to now? What stage of what plan is this?

From an open point of view and a mind more awake than most on this planet, this comes as no surprise, really.