NASA's Yuma UFO Spotted On Google Maps? (Video)

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An clever YouTuber has discovered an unusual object on Google Earth computer software. It appears like a UFO on the landing strip in Yuma, AZ. What exactly is it?

The screen caps above exhibits what appears like the classic ET spacecraft as observed from top view located at the Yuma Proving Ground, a landing strip and government hangar establishment close to the city in the Arizona.

Regardless of what it is, this picture will certainly spark the thoughts of UFO enthusiast all over the world.

The footage doesn't have commentary, only a walk-through from the YouTuber homing in around the unidentified object at coordinates 32.866436,-114.385992 on Google Earth software.

A little digging you will discover NASA utilizes the location for research, but it is not obvious what they're studying. Can it be a top secret program to reverse engineer ET technologies?

Here is the video: