Netanyahu’s Iran dream is over


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Safi Rachlevsky in an article published in Israeli daily Ha’aretz (July 10, 2013) said: “Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s life mission – attacking Iran to save Israel has become impossible. It’s over“.

“Above all, we must keep looking at Netanyahu, who says he divides his time 70 percent security, 20 percent economic and 10 percent political. The peace process isn’t mentioned. The entire objective of the so-called peace process is an attack,” wrote Rachlevsky.

Netanyahu, who always depended on American military to fulfil his Iranian dream – was disappointed by Obama’s unwillingness to attack Iran before June 14, 2013 presidential election. In an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 TV in March 2013, Obama said that Iran was still over a year away from building a nuclear bomb. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenie has repeatedly said that Iran had no intention of acquiring a nuclear device as that would be against Islamic teachings.

Robert Einhorn (a Zionist Jew), US State Department nuclear arms control negotiator, who represented the US at P5+1 meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, in July 2012- wrote in the Foreign Policy (July 10, 2013), saying that President-elect Hassan Rouhani has “friends among clerics and people’s mandate” to stand-up to the Spiritual Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenie, who refuses to compromise with the US and its allies over Iran’s nuclear program.

However, Netanyahu did not show optimism on the election of “moderate” Hassan Rouhani. Four days after Rouhani’s victory, Netanyahu told his American subjects: “We cannot accept anything less than the total cessation of all enrichment of nuclear materials at all levels, removal from Iran of all enriched material and closure of Iran’s illicit nuclear facilities. Until Iran meets these demands, pressure must be stepped up and Iran’s nuclear program must be stopped. Period.” Netanyahu knows very well know that no Iranian president could perform that magic – as nuclear program has become a symbol of national pride for the Iranian population.

Bill Keller, former executive editor of the New York Times, wrote in September 9, 2012 Op-Ed that even if Tehran develops a nuclear weapons, they would not pose a significant threat to Israel, let alone to the United States. According to Keller, the great majority of Israelis don’t buy the Iran scare. “They believe it has nothing to do with Iran’s future nukes but Israel’s fear of losing the ability to do whatever it wants to whenever it wants. Bomb Gaza, Bomb Lebanon, Bomb relief ships, Bomb whoever, whenever“.

Netanyahu has always been a shady character. While studying in United States, he cheated US taxpayers under four different IDs. Netanyahu worked as sales director of Heli Trading Company, an Israeli Mossad front. He also had ties with Richard Smyth, an American arms smuggler for Israel.

“Benjamin Netanyahu poses an existential threat to Israel. Those who claim to care about Israel need to speak out. Will we really allow this rightist egomaniac to destroy a 2000 year old dream?,” posted Jewish columnist MJ Rosenberg on his blog on September 12, 2012.

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