Netanyahu takes Iran to Auschwitz


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Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Auschwitz Holocaust Museum in Poland on June 13, 2013. Netanyahu spent most of time convincing Jewish visitors and Polish officials at the site that Iran with the help of its Shia allies, is planning a new Jewish etnic-cleansing – the 3rd Holocaust since 1919.

“The Allied leaders knew about the Holocaust as it was happening. They understood perfectly what was taking place in the death camps. They were asked to act, the could have acted, and they did not. For us the Jews, lesson is clear. We must not stand idle befor the threat of annihilation. We must not bury our heads in the sand, or let others do our work,” said Netanyahu during his pilgrimage to Block 27 in Auschwitz-Birkenau complex. The complex was establish in 2005 on the orders of Israeli prime minister Gen. Ariel Sharon aka Butcher of Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Netanyahu was at the Block 27 to dedicate a new permanent exhibition, called Shoah, part of the Auschwitz-Birkenau state museum build with the Polish Christian taxpayers’ to absolve their ancestors’ crimes for not protecting one million Jews killed by Catholic and Frankist Jew Nazis.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Netanyahu remained undeterred by the critics, insisting the intentions of the Iranians are just as murderous of those that existed in World War II. “The comparison is intentional. Does Iran want to destroy the state of Israel, first and foremost its Jews? The answer is yes,” he said in response to a question from The Associated Press. “Here is where the comparison diverges, since there was no state of Israel back then that could defend itself. The difference is not in the hatred of Jews and the will to destroy them. This is something that is pretty consistent in history and even modern history. The Holocaust didn’t change this situation.”

The Jewish con-man avoided to mention that his country already possesses 240-400 nuclear bombs and he is scared to death in case Tehran acquire one nuclear bomb in the future. Furthermore, if Iranian regime wanted a Jewish holocaust – it could start it by ethnic-cleansing of Iran’s 25,000 Jews.

Netanyahu warned his patrons, the US and EU, that Tehran’s “wipe Israel off map” policy would not change under the new regime in Tehran.

This is not the first time paranoid Netanyahu has brought the “Auschwitz Bunny” out of his hate. In March 2013, speaking at the AIPAC conference, Netanyahu likened Iranians to Nazis and Iran’s nuclear program to Auschwitz.

English historian, Vivian Bird, has busted Zionist narrative of what happened at Auschwitz concentration camp. Auschwitz is central to the new Jewish religion. If it can be proved that Zionist narrative taught in schools and universities in the West, is not true, the entire fabric of Holocaust ultimately has to unravel. And when this happens, that will be the begining of the end of the Zionist entity.

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