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Introduction to the article by WTK-founder Fred Burks

Fred Burks

"The chances are that the term PSYCOPS you not occur. And while it is crucial. PSYCOPS - psychological operations - is a term that is used across their networks including the U.S. government and military intelligence, which sought to 'opportunities to exploit human vulnerabilities in enemy governments - and military - to the population goals to which of national and strategic importance, "as quoted from the following article in the Washington Post.

Suppose that all major countries refined PSYCOPS programs have developed, as described below. And you also agree that PSYCOPS technologies may be used by governments to their own people on the wrong leg for military or strategic purposes? For instance, check this information on Operation Northwoods as a powerful example. If you do not want you is a lie, and if you want to be informed of how public opinion is sometimes manipulated by the government, read this article. By ourselves to inform and disseminate information, we can together build a better future for us all. "

Best wishes - Fred Burks

If your eyes and ears can no longer believe

By William M. Arkin - Translation: René Huyskes

"Gentlemen, we have invited you to inform you that the U.S. will throw overthrown." So begins the tape with a notice of General Carl. W. Steiner, former chief of the U.S. Special Operations Command.

Voice Manipulation

At least, the voting seems exactly that of him.

But it is not Steiner. It is the result of voting manipulation techniques, such as those developed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

(Note translator René Huyskes: Together with Area 51 in Nevada is' Alamos' a military base where even the President of the USA has no free access. Most of what is taking place occurs outside the control of the congress. Financing the highly secret projects that are developed, is using the 'black budget' of the CIA, that his income for a large part generated from drug trafficking).

By only using a ten-minute digital recording of Steiner's voice, scientist George Papcun can rapidly the characteristic patterns of speech and cloning an authentic looking message from them. Steiner himself was so impressed by the result that he for a copy of the tape early.

Steiner was certainly not the first or last victim who ge-spoofed by the team of Papcun. (Editors note: Spoofing is the technique for digital endlessly to manipulate).

In order to refine their methods, using high-quality audio recordings of generals and experimented with it so fake statements to make. A very remarkable example of this technique is to hear Colin Powell say, "I am treated well by my guards."

"We chose him to say that he normally would never say," said one of Papcuns colleagues chortling.

A box of chocolate is as dangerous as war

A box of chocolates ...

The public was first made acquainted with the digital box of tricks "in the movie" Forest Gump ", when the main character played by Tom Hanks apparently President Kennedy shook the hand.

Where it just a Hollywood special effect, it is a secret operation of the U.S. military and intelligence services, and a weapon for the future.

"Soon you a random piece of information and reduce to binary zeros and ones and so interesting things to do," says Daniel T. Kuehl, chairman of the Information Operation department of the National Defense University in Washington, the military school for information warfare.

PSYOPS are looking for opportunities to exploit human vulnerabilities in enemy governments, military and population.

The digital editing of voice, video or photographic material is a mature technology and become available for use in psychological operations. PSYOPS - as the military call it - just trying to use human weaknesses in enemy governments - and military - to the population goals to those of national or strategic importance.

For some, PSYOPS is just the continuation of the dropping of stencils over enemy territory and radio propaganda. According to a growing group of IT experts in the field of military technology is the connection between fantasy and reality. By being able to convincingly sound or video production, they may just make the difference in the success of a military operation or coup.

According to a growing group of IT experts in the field of technology PSYCOPS war the connection between fantasy and reality.

Allah as a hologram

Plan makers within the Pentagon considered the use of digitally manipulated material after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. The planners of covert operations played with the idea to create a manipulated video with a crying Sadam Hussein, or to place him in another human weakness, such as a sexually compromising situation. It was intended to ensure the tape recordings within Iraq and the Arab world.

The "digital warfare" was not used. According to those involved it was to kill aided by bureaucratic fights over jurisdiction, skepticism over the use of technology, and fear of the consequences Arab coalition enjoyed.

But the strategic PSYOPS program died not. "What would happen if the U.S. a hologram of Allah floating over Baghdad would project, which they and the Iraqi people - army against Sadam would call on," said an Air Force officer earlier in 1990.

According to a military scientist who had the contract for the hologram idea to work, it was feasible for a large three-dimensional image projection, which apparently would float in the air.

How does Allah look like?

But for something in the air over Baghdad to do? It could in the air need a mirror with a surface greater than one square mile and as powerful projectors with heavy force vouchers. The investigators were also still left with the question: "What does Allah look like?

The story about the Gulf War hologram we could not remember if we had learned through Washingtonpost.com in 1994 a super secret project was launched in which the technology for PSYOPS continued.

The "Holographic Projector" is described in a secret document from the Air Force, as a system for information power from space to continue and called for special operations deception to serve.

War is like a box of chocolates

Voice Manipulation? Video Distortion? Holographic projection?. It sounds more like jokes from Mission Impossible and Star Trek as weapons. At the moment all these areas corresponding and growing research, because the technology has further improved and the ability to conduct offensive information warfare increases.

Former voice manipulation was done by letters and words together ahw paste (with all limitations of this), can Papcun by software developed in Los Alamos on a totally natural way, the way someone speaks is simulated. Excluded by this technique is the unnatural robot-like intonation.

Ironically, after his speech klonende technique Papcun completed had no official interest from the military would have existed. Fortunately for him shows Hollywood interested. The promise a virtual Clark Gable to make is mightier than the sword.

Video and photo manipulation has serious questions and doubts as to the authenticity in journalism. Now audio technology will have a role to play, except to journalists and lawyers conspiracy thinkers are worried about the harm and abuse in the near future we will be able to come.

"We know that we do not see anything that we can believe," says Dan Kuehl.
"Now this is also what we hear."

About the author

William M. Arkin, author of "The U.S. Military Online", is a leading expert on national security and the Internet. He gives lectures and writes on nuclear weapons, military affairs and information warfare. As information analyst army of 1974-1978, he is regularly consulted by the Washington Post, Newsweek Interactive, MSNBC and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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