Truth feeder
I have listened to the first half of the 2nd hour of Alex Jones' program for November 3, 2009. His guest was Mike Rivero and their discussion was a good summary of the state of affairs of major parts of the New World Order conspiracy as it stands today.

I kept pausing the archive so that I could take notes. Here are my notes:
  • Bank deregulation legislation openly gives unlimited power to less than 4 private banks and brokerage firms to regulate all financial activities in the United States.
  • Simultaneously, the other 19 members of the G20 are passing identical or close to identical legislation to tie-in to this new private bank of the world.
  • Part of the taxing mechanism is to be the Framework Convention on Climate Change, the House has passed the accompanying legislation, admittedly to go under UN control; it states that this is for global governance, the US will not be allowed out of this, it will more than double, in their own words, US energy prices, it will micro-manage every facet of your life. There will be taxes on everything that produces carbon. This will be unelected and unaccountable.
  • The push for globalism rests on 3 foundations: 1 – human caused global warming. Al Gore is backing off of that and calling it climate change now. He’s now promoting the fight against global warming/climate change as a spiritual quest because he couldn’t sell the science. New religion: worship the earth and pay your carbon taxes. 2 – global authority to deal with the manufactured financial crisis. What they want to put in place is just a larger version of the Federal Reserve, which will condemn humanity to poverty but reward the elite to ongoing increasing wealth. However, a stumbling block for a one world-wide system is the Muslim banking system, which conflicts with the Western compound-interest system of banking. This is what the “clash of civilizations” is about.
  • The 3rd foundation was not stated as such but the discussion then turned to over-population. Mike Rivero made the statement, “We know the world is over-populated.” He mentioned National Security Memo 200 of the Nixon administration that called for overt and covert methods of birth control to reduce the world’s population.
  • When Al Gore set up the cap and trade scheme, he got help from Enron. Al Gore is doing to us with carbon dioxide, what Enron did to California with electricity. They’re not actually doing anything that’s useful; they’re just siphoning off money that makes them very, very rich. It’s a scam. It’s a crime. The American people have to get angry. But that’s what Northcom is all about. All of this is premeditated.
  • The “war on drugs” is simply a war on the competition’s drugs. The American drug lord families include the Bushes and the Clintons. Money from drugs is laundered in US banks. By making the drugs illegal, it increased the price of the drugs, and makes them profitable. This is called the politics of contraband. The Kennedy dynasty was founded on illegal alcohol money; the Skull & Bones fraternity at Yale was funded with opium money. If the drug money went away, most American banks would collapse.
Here is a link to the audio archive. Again, the discussion took place the 2nd Hour for November 3, 2009: