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“I wish all Arab media were like Al-Jazeera,” – Gideon Ezra, former deputy head of Israeli General Security Service, quoted in ‘Foreign Policy (FP)’, July/August 2006 issue.

Abraham Foxman, a Jewish supremacist head of Israel lobby group ADL in an interview with Newsmax.TV blasted Al Gore’s Current TV cable network for its sale to Qatar-based Al-Jazeera (English). He claimed that Al-Jazeera spew anti-Israel, anti-US and anti-Jewish propaganda. The sale will allow Al Jazeera to gain access to tens of millions of American homes in which Current TV had been available through various cable providers.

Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents has condemned former US Vice President Al Gore for selling his Current TV network to Al-Jazeera for $500 million.

Hoenlein said that although the network’s English-language coverage has been more balanced and had given a platform to Israeli spokesperson, “their general coverage has served to destabilize regimes and favor some of the more extremist elements in the Arab world.”

However, the truth about Al-Jazeera has nothing to do with these two Zionist Jew lairs. Al-Jazeer (English) is nothing but Arab world’s BBC, CNN or FoxNews. It supports Western imperialism in the Muslim world. In fact, most of its top staff is Jewish or Zionists.

Al-Jazeera ran a vicious campaign against Libyan leader Qaddafi and Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah the leader of Lebanon’s Islamic Resistance Hizballah.

Robert Parry, an American investgating reporter wrote on January 4, 2013 that the Current TV miserably failed to provided independent news to American public.

“In 2005, when Current went on the air, the American people desperately needed a courageous voice to challenge Bush’s abuses of power, including his neoconservative war of aggression in Iraq and his assault on fundamental constitutional protections, such as the right of habeas corpus and prohibitions against “cruel and unusual punishments,” i.e. torture. Bush and the Right also were contemptuous about the science of global warming and other reality-based threats.

Not only could Gore’s network have engaged aggressively on those political battle fronts, it could have provided important historic information, including evidence about broader Republican abuses of political power, from the days of Sen. Joe McCarthy through President Richard Nixon to the crimes of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, such as their tolerance of cocaine trafficking by the Nicaraguan Contra rebels,” wrote Parry.

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