Truth feeder
Kurt Nimmo
October 23, 2009

“A new online computer game attempts to capitalize on the current strain of right-wing paranoia and activism, embodied by Glenn Beck’s televised blustering and the Tea Party protests, by allowing players to inhabit a world of the near-future that represents a conservative nightmare,” writes Eric Sorensen for The Huffington Post.


The game is the brainchild of Ron Paul Libertarians in Brooklyn, according to Sorensen’s research. Sorensen cites David Corn, one of a number of resident progressives at the Pentagon infiltrated CNN ministry of propaganda, who dismisses the online game as “mostly juvenile stuff for sophomoric Obama foes.”

For Corn and his fellow foundation and corporate media sponsored and funded progressives, the site is a “right-wing wet dream” because it posits a New World Order in the year 2011. In the game scenario, Felipe Calderon of Mexico, Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, and Obama are secretly working on a North American Union. The government has outlawed the private ownership of firearms. The American people have drummed most Democrats out of Congress and have replaced them with “liberty-minded Republicans.”

“In January 2011, two days prior to the swearing-in of the new Senators and Congressmen, President Obama holds an emergency conference that interrupts the regular broadcasting of every station in the United States, and is replayed on major news networks throughout the day. The news is horrifying, and the ramifications of what the president has said have a numbing effect on the public,” a description of the online game explains.

Obama suspends congressional swearing-in ceremonies and keeps the previous Congress in place. He installs a “North American People’s Union,” dissolves the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and signs legislation outlawing firearms under United Nations mandate.

The game begins when the “Cong” and American patriots face-off. “Join in NOW and help Capture Obama and the renegade Cong. Defeat the Union Troops and other allies of the former President and help safeguard American Freedom,” a teaser announces. “Play 2011 Obama’s Coup Fails Now and Help Safeguard America’s Future. Teach your children well and spread the word. The Marxists are in our own government and anyone who doesn’t believe it can simply listen and watch each Czar on tape right here in one place.”

It is difficult to believe the game is the product of Ron Paul Libertarians, as Corn insists. It appears to be the work of Republicans.

For instance, a fake news item associated with the game lists Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and Rush Limbaugh as patriots. Malkin “will make a fine Senator and will help America get back on the path to the free market and rule of law via the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Malkin is an establishment stalwart and supporter of the neocons and their invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. She has viciously attacked the antiwar movement. In 2004, she wrote In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World War II and the War on Terror, a defense of Japanese American concentration camps during World War II. She believes troublesome Arabs and Muslims should be sent to internment camps.

Glenn Beck has consistently attacked the patriot and constitutionalist movements on his Fox News show. During the election, he characterized Ron Paul as a “kook” and called his supporters dangerous terrorists. He has attempted to debunk the existence of FEMA camps and has teamed up with the establishment periodical Popular Mechanics (part of the Hearst publishing empire) in this effort.

Rush Limbaugh denies the existence of a New World Order and is an establishment Republican who earns millions of dollars a year making sure the false right-left paradigm runs smoothly. He has defined Republican vs. Democrat partisanship for more than two decades.

Michael Savage believes the CFR and Bilderberg group are akin to harmless social clubs for the rich. Savage (real name Weiner) supported the neocon invasion of Iraq and is a notorious Muslim and Arab hater. He is responsible in large part for the misperception that a gaggle of 60s Marxists have taken over the government. In fact, the ruling elite have taken over the government under left cover, as Webster Tarpley notes.

The game mentions the Tea Party movement and Oath Keepers. The Tea Party movement was hijacked by establishment Republicans in order to blunt the organization’s effectiveness. It was founded by Libertarians who distrust and are working to dethrone both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Charles Johnson, who runs the neocon blog Little Green Footballs, has described the Oath Keepers as “a very disturbing movement fueled by conspiracy theories and anti-government bad craziness.” Johnson seems to support Chris Matthews’ attack on Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oath Keepers, and repeats Matthews’ accusations. “Last night Chris Matthews interviewed the founder of the disturbing ‘Oath Keepers’ movement, a group of self-styled patriots who spout militia rhetoric and conspiracy theories, and prepare for armed revolution — against the Obama administration.”

Johnson confounded a news site called Pajamas Media that features Michelle Malkin, John Podhoretz, Michael Ledeen, and other neocons who had no problem with the establishment when Bush was in power.

It is not clear if the designers of the game are aware of these glaring inconsistencies. Beck believes Paul and the Libertarians are a threat to the nation. Malkin has an unhealthy totalitarian fetish with concentration camps. Limbaugh is a hack for the Republican party. A prominent neocon blogger considers advocates of the Constitution dangerous and insane. These are not Libertarian patriots. They are establishment operatives.

Finally, Alex Jones figures into the game. “In what may become one of the most ironic news stories of this incredible Second American Revolution, Alex Jones was released from the last known FEMA camp still in operation within the 50 states,” states a fictional news item. “ones was found emaciated and in poor health but apparently still with a sense of humor – one militia man swears up and down he heard Alex joking, ‘If I had known I’d lose this much weight in a FEMA camp, I’d have gone years ago!’ Jones was well known for his supposed ‘conspiracy theories’, most of which have now been proven true. His film projects, such as ‘Camp FEMA’, which warned of the potential use of the FEMA camps as concentration camps, made headlines nationwide in 2009.”

Alex Jones is featured in the documentary and acted as a producer. Camp FEMA was directed and produced by William Lewis and Gary Franchi.