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Yesterday, Toronto-born child soldier, Omar Khadr, who spent ten years at Guantánamo Bay concentration camp, returned home in chains. He is being kept in maximum security facility at Canadian military base in Trenton, Ontario. Canada’s Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews, a known Israel-Firster Zionist announced by saying: “Omar Khadr is known supporter of Al-Qaeda terrorist network and a convicted terrorist“.

Vic Toews’ bigotary is understandable. He calls Omar “terrorist” for defending his parent’s homeland (Afghanistan) invaded by the Zionist-controlled western governments for the heroin trade - controlled by Zionist Jewish mafia and the exploitation of Caspian Sea oil reserves for Israel. However, last year during his meetings with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, heads of Israeli terrorist organizations Tamir Pardo (Mossad) and Yoran Cohen (Shin Bet) – he told them that Canada’s Stephen Harper government would never abandon the Zionist regime.

Vic’s associating Omar with the phony Al-Qaeda shows his ignorance. The former British foreign secretary Robin Cook, authors R.T. Naylor and Peter Chamberlin and many other politicians and scholars are on record for saying that there is no Islamic terrorist group named Al-Aqaeda. It was a cooked-up scheme of the Zionist mafia to demonize, invade and destroy the Muslim countries for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

Vic Toews’ state of mind is reflected by one of his many stupid and disgusting comments. “Stand with us or the child pornographers,” he is on tape for saying. I wonder if Vic Toews really knows that pornography, sex slavery and prostitution trades are all dominated by the Zionist Jews and Israel.

Omar Khadr was captured by America’s Afghan allies, the Nothern Alliance, when he was 15-year-old and sold to US occupation forces. During all his 10 years of imprisionment in the United States, Ottawa never went to his help as a Canadian citizen or asked his extradition for trail in Canada. Omar will be spending his remaining sentence awarded by a US military ‘kangroo court’ in Canadian jail.

American academic, author and radio talkshow host, Kevin Barrett PhD, wrote on Khadr’s transfer from US jail to Canadian jail on September 29, 2012. Read the entire post here.

“At age 15, Khadr fought valiantly against the war criminals who, brainwashed by the Zionist-produced 9/11 Hollywood spectacular, illegally invaded Afghanistan, to re-start the global heroin trade,” wrote Dr. Barrett.

“Normally, a heroic enemy soldier is respected by his adversaries. If that soldier is defending a nation against an illegal war of aggression, his heroism merits even more respect. But rather than giving the fifteen year old lion of the battlefield the applause and adulation he so obviously deserved, the American war criminal authorities decided to lock him up and torture him – indefinitely. And in one of the most ludicrous Orwellian twists in history, the war criminals charged Khadr – a child soldier who fought with extraordinary bravery against one of the worst wars of aggression ever – with being a war criminal!,” says Dr. Barrett.

So who is ultimately responsible for this mind-boggling miscarriage of Justice? “The Zionist propaganda machine,” Kevin provides answer to his own question.

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