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this is a quite from another thread from ex scientology, it seems that this is an interesting topic to many people who are interested to free up the mind, via the inner self or spirit.
What I mean by this thread is that Hubbard writes something that is wrong with wogs, society, human behaviour etc etc...but then the very thing he says is the very thing the church does. It is giving me a deer in the headlights look the more I read....

Here is another one taken from "Courses, their ideal Scene"
"This situation is a widespread thing in our society today. It's not limited to our course rooms. You see it in marriages. It has become an acceptable thing to get divorced, create broken homes, cheat on your spouse. In the worls of big business you're told to swindle Mr. X before he swindles you. This is group agreement. It is agreed upon out-ethics." LRH

So, we have
1. how 'others' trapped a thetan with awards and big buildings even though we are the ones that got trapped in scn and this is how they keep us trapped

2. how scn should never break a spirit, yet that is all it DOES do to it's staff and public to 'unhypnotize' a person with scn processes yet the processes are designed to hypnotize!

4. Now we have how 'society is out ethics due to group agreement and how this results in broken himes and divorces' ...yet nothing breaks up families and causes divorces faster than scn....and scn could not survive without group agreement to keep the church mgmt and tech out- ethics and people trapped in the cult.

Do you see what I mean? It's fascinating, sick, demented, and ...all at the same time.

maybe it is just me but this is nuts!

Add your own oxymorons and 'do the opposite' stories if you wish.

Here is the source

Scientology Oxymorons & Doing the Opposite - Ex Scientologist Message Board
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researching how to unhypnotize ...brings few results...yet check out the research for hypnotize.....hmmmmm....

and so the journey continues! lol...


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Rumas posted an interview with David Icke on the Rense show, great interview about horrific topics, namely the bombing of Gaza and the use of depleted uranium, however David also spoke of the difference between the 'mind' and consciousness, and for sure there is a big difference.

David likened the mind to what we are supposed to think re media education and such compared to the truth about consciousness.
The war in the media upon our minds is to prevent coming out of this matrix which is likened to mind control and ensures our ability then to follow the NWO agenda for Obamas new army which is in reality a draft but given a different name.

so this interview clarifies the journey, what it is, now next is how to go about it, unhypnotizing. lol...stay tuned....:biggrin2:

BEWARE!! :warning2:

Do NOT let this happen to YOU! :emot156:
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Not sure what the two prior posts are all about, but I personally wouldn't think there would be any information regarding "unhypnotizing" on the internet, at all. The reason being that hypnosis is considered to be an "altered" state, and it wouldn't make much sense for there to be information about altering or unaltering an altered state, would it? Even trying to contemplate the question itself is difficult, at best.

So, no, you won't find information on the term "unhypnosis" out on the internet. For that to happen, you would first have to define what the term "unhypnosis" means for everyones common understanding. Until such a time as that happens, you will find information available on the subject in other categories related to correcting erroneous thinking such as the categories of belief systems, eliminating limiting beliefs, deprogramming, treatment for anxieties, phobias, and fears, and so on...

...and while it may be true, few people understand the concept that we walk around most of the time in a hypnotic state, prefering instead to believe that hypnosis is that odd time when one is blissfully tranced out and being guided to accept suggestions and imagery that is not ones normal thought process, generally to improve their lives.

There is probably more to be gained by looking into the science of neuroplasticity, or how the brain rewires itself when exposed to new thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs over time. This "rewiring" results in a paradigm shift. When one experiences a paradigm shift, the world itself seems to have changed to the observer. When this happens, one can easily describe the experience as having been dehypnotized or unhypnotized. In reality, it is a shift in perception, and the individual is simply filtering reality differently at that point. One could say that they are simply operating in a different hypnotic state than they were previously, as it is simply a new program that is running in their mind which may or may not reflect reality more accurately, depending on who is doing the judging.

Anyone who understands the subject, understands that the hypnotic state is a normal state of brainwave activity which everyone experiences. It is not possible to have a human experience with an organic brain which goes through varying levels of electrical/chemical activity and not occasionally enter into a state of hypnosis. So, one could say that to be "unhypnotized" is simply to be "rehypnotized" or hypnotized with a new set of beliefs and understanding which may or may not be more accurate as far as one's perception of reality.

Perhaps someone would like to take a stab at defining what they mean by being "unhypnotized". Unhypnotized from what? Is there a single definition which applies to everyone? If someone desires to be hypnotized in order to be released from fears, to gain confidence, to lose weight, etc. it would seem that for them to become "unhypnotized" would mean that they would lose the benefits of their hypnosis and they would become fearful again, lose confidence, and put the weight back on... so, for this reason, the term unhypnosis is not used.

To be released from false beliefs, to operate with greater awareness of reality, to not be deceived by the lies of the government, the memories and misunderstandings of childhood, and so on is perhaps what we intend when using the term unhypnotized, or even to be unlimited in the options available to us which we may not be aware of given our past experiences, beliefs, education, and emotional make up... but the fact is, the term unhypnosis simply means to be released from whatever trance one may be operating under and not that once that happens one will not enter into the hypnotic state from that place as well, as one must, given that humans routinely experience hypnosis many times each day as a normal function of the mind.

I hope this provides some clarity on the subject for anyone interested...


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hello gmeades and welcome to the forum. wow lots of words
but lets take a look at what this is really all about.

Hypnosis is also under the gun for false memory syndrome.
It also can be used negatively as well as for medical purposes.
so lets take a look at the subliminal ways we may become
hypnotized without our knowing it.

Watching Television for instance, has been well known to cause
an altered state in which subliminal messages have been
discovered in movies, commercials, not to mention the frequency
coming from the tv set.

the title of the forum is Unhypnotize and as such is about our
waking up collectively as a global community and individually.
Hence the reason for this thread.




Thank you very much for your remarks, is really very good. Hope to see you later also better work.
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