Unhypnotizing means Cultural Deprogramming


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I have developed a website whose entire format and content is specifically designed to help people understand the various illusions cast by the involuntary process of enculturation and the very intentional process of indoctrination. I refer to the process of undoing the former as cultural deprogramming.

My website covers the social sectors(Prevailing Culture) which keep the illusions in place and the tactics they employ. I counter by uncovering the mechanisms( Media Hazards) enabling them to keep the wool over our eyes. I provide understandings of psychological functioning and neuro-mechanics(Know your Brain).

My site is also about responsible planetary citizenship, so there is a section covering (The Work) or the areas we must reform if we wish to transform "the system". And finally there is a section entitled Emergent. This section reports on the emerging cultural movements and trends. These are the areas we would do well to support and become part of ourselves to bring about the changes the planet is in so dire need of. The site does not sell books products nor does it carry ads.

Please visit www.emergent-culture.com .


Rohaan Solare
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hello Rohaan and welcome to Unhypnotize

cool looking website you have there

i like this article about being connected to nature

Emergent Culture - Bringing Nature Back and Why it’s not an Option

when i retreat to my nature getaway place i always feel better. this makes me wonder how people traveling in space will be able to survive with out the real connection to planet Earth.i don't think the holodeck like on Star Trek will surfice

it could present a problem with space flight ? i wonder if NASA has any studies on this ? hmmm...


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Hello Aragorn,
Thank you for the welcome and compliment.

You bring up a good point on space travel.

I am looking forward to the latest ST episode to be released in early May.


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Hi Rohaan

i went to your site
thank you for posting
a very informative e- magazine




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Make Your Mind Your Own​
excerpt from emergent- culture.com

Culture prefers to maintain and operate your brain for you. Meaning, that before we have reached the age when we can question and think critically for ourselves, our culture has already loaded our minds with countless assumptions, prejudice, arbitrary ideologies, predispositions, attitudes, preferences, aversions and reams of general misinformation.

Culture does not stop trying to influence us once we can buy our own books and seek our own experiences.

Mass media influence has been present in our lives since the first day our parents propped us up to watch television. Using the most sophisticated technologies and latest knowledge in brain science, the sources of mass media campaigns spend billion of dollars every year in their effort to influence your thinking and behavior.

There are messages that suggest this toilet paper over that one and laws legalizing dangerous drugs over benign ones. I also believe that culture is not entirely responsible for our thinking and behaviors.

Genes do set the stage, but culture writes the script.

You can influence your genes only so much, but you can write your own script.

Judging from the state of human affairs, locally and globally, it would be safe to say that most of our cultural programming is detrimental to ourselves and our planet. We will better understand culture and others when we better understand ourselves. Think of this section as your brain’s owners manual.

Learn why our brains react automatically and with bias before any conscious effort is made, to what we see, read and hear. Other sections of the Emergent-Culture Website and Blog deal with other aspects of cultural deprogramming.

The Know Your Brain section deals with useful information on the following topics:Emergent Culture – Know Your Brain: Make your Mind your Own


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It is just an opinion, but I think one of the first steps that a person can take to deprogram is to just get rid of TV. Read a book, hopefully some classical literature or something of value that will help you learn a new skill.

I have alot of feelings and opinions on this subject, and hardly think I have all the answers but I think that most people with half a brain can figure out life isn't what you see on TV.


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I do not completely agree with the author. I think that it is a very complicated question. It is not very easy to program people because of the resistance from the side of the intellect.