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waking up from the day to day having taken this way of life for granted, now seeing it all from a different point of view. Truth awakens the senses dulled from working striving our attention taken up by raising families and caring for all those we love.

a propehtic dream, an illness, an accident, a tragedy or spiritual event that jarred us out of the everyday awareness that we were use to.

perhaps a book, or hearing a news broadcast, whatever it was that began our awakening, opened up our eyes and made us look around!

truth love hope equality unity oneness--

what are you best methods or realiizations for awakening and healing?


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wiki answers:
Say to yourself something like this: "Now you will begin to wake up and will waken gradually as you count to 5. When you awake you will feel as before, refreshed and alert. One: Starting to let go of the sleepingess. Two: Beginning to awaken, eyes not so heavy. Three: More awake still; eyes lighter. Four: Eyes beginning to open, mind clearer, sleepiness almost gone. Five: Eyes open; wide awake now, alert and refreshed!"

WikiAnswers - How do you unhypnotize your self[/url

lets see how this would work ...
unhypnotizing with the information revealed in this video about the use of hypnosis -neurolinguistic techniques used in Obamas speeches

[url=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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well -I did another search :folder-eagle-yllw-b and found these videos unfortunately embedding was disabled

pls click on links:pnw-han:

This is a clip from Derren Brown's show called Inside Your Mind. Derren Brown uses NLP to subconcsiously influence a couple of advertising workhorses into making an ad that they THOUGHT they came up with the visuals themselves.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is akin to the Jedi Mind Trick or, if you were around 500 or so years ago, magic or sorcery. You should really do some digging on NLP.

Whenever I see a new technology or aspect of science the first thing I see it being used for is weapons. Then I turn around and think of ways to use it for actually helping people.

Anyway, CAN NLP be weaponized?

part one of three


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