"In the first half of the show, paranormal documentary filmmakers, Christopher & Philip Booth, spoke about their current film, Soul Catcher, as well as past projects. In Soul Catcher they explored haunted Native American boarding schools built along the infamous Trail of Tears, where Indians were relocated in the 1800s. Working with Indian guides, and a Native American ghosthunting team, the Booths said they gathered some of the best evidence for the paranormal in all of their 8 documentaries. Elders told them they would see an elemental spirit, and one was caught on camera, they said. A white-colored Shadow Person "rose up in front of us like an angel," and went right to one of the Indian boarding schools (many of which were built on burial mounds), they added.

They also talked about their film, Children of the Grave, where they investigated a haunted orphanage in Indianapolis that was said to have a mass grave for 699 children. They recorded an EVP there "that sounded like a thousand children screaming." In their fictional film Death Tunnel, which they shot at an old tuberculosis hospital, they learned about a haunted tunnel that ran underneath the hospital, which was used to transport deceased patients. Their further investigations of the tunnel led to their documentary Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium.


In the second half, as the Shuttle prepared to land on its last mission, C2C Science advisor Richard C. Hoagland discussed what he views as coming "game changer" events. NASA, he said, was for once, telling the truth about data they've been receiving from a space exploration-- in this case, sharing revealing photos of the Vesta asteroid, sent back by the Dawn spacecraft (see below). Hoagland suggested that the Vesta photos show evidence of geometric shapes that indicate ruins. The asteroid may in fact be a huge space station built by a Type 2 civilization, he announced.

The other game changer is the arrival of comet Elenin, which will make its closest pass on 9/11/11, and demonstrates numerical evidence of being artificially made, he continued. The object is on a hyperbolic trajectory which means that it has never passed the sun before. Hoagland theorized that the comet could be a kind of time capsule, possibly sent to us by an Atlantean civilization around 13,000 years ago. "