[Attention] Pentagon sends missle defences to Guam


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Pentagon sends missile defences to Guam as North Korea 'approves nuclear attack on US' - Telegraph

Well, I've often heard it said that to know what's really going in our country we have to seek news sources from other countries. This is not good, I can't figure out if this is all a distraction, a serious threat, or if this is really North Korea's idea or are they being encouraged by another country to do what they're doing, even if it turns out to be rhetoric. Who's playing who?

The Pentagon has announced that it is sending an advanced ballistic missile defence system to Guam, as North Korea ramped up its bellicose rhetoric with the announcement that it has given final approval for a nuclear attack on the US.

Despite North Korea's highly-publicised missile tests, relatively little is known about the actual size and capabilities of its arsenal.