Pharmacists have legal immunity in the U.S.!
Thursday, April 2l, 2009

The U.S. Supreme Court, say the U.S. Higher Council, a 6 to 3 decision, in a ruling on a claim that Diana Levine had filed against the pharmaceutical giant Wyeth.

Wyeth must now pay this, put a huge step in the fight against these pills industry that not so close-up, or nám .., their liability. Because these cowboys were so far, is protected by law, if it were claims from patients who had suffered physical injury as a result of such vaccinations. In other words, they could just roll on their cunning!


The legal immunity (..) by the pharmaceutical industry under pressure enforced on the grounds that they would otherwise not develop vaccinations, when they claim risks would be at risk in the marketing of vaccinations. They developed and produced fact vaccinations to the health of the population and not for themselves ... (See also our WantToKnow-editorial this week, if you want to read more about. HERE. )
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The U.S. government has had so heavy pressure to continue and has already 20 years ago to this immunity. But earlier this week lifted by the High Council of the United States.

But in the past 20 years, has made such a huge proliferation in the development and marketing of vaccines in particular, that the assumption is not that strange is that pharmaceutical companies are a kind of license it.

The pharmaceutical industry 'developed away, because they were and are not a danger! And indeed, this industry, because let's just call this, the last 20 years very dangerous and even deadly drugs, with impunity on the market.

Had the High Court this decision is not taken, then this had put the gates open for a complete pandemonium from adopting any drug.

And all under the banner of 'health for the population. An official FDA classified it based on falsification of research and influence of scientific publications and sell it! Although in the past several small fines handed out to pharmaceutical companies, but they were not in proportion to the multi-millions in damages, for which they were free ..! Moreover, you can still ask whether these 'fines' is no longer a PR story from the government, to show that these pharmaceutical conglomerates have dared to tackle than the actual penalty was a penalty ...

But now there is still the highest level to put a stop to these unlimited marketing potential of these pharmacists, the American-Ho0g Court.

This ruling of the Supreme Council in the U.S. means that possible 100,000-denied people claims to be ..!

'Regime' is exactly the right word for the medical tyranny against the American people and indirectly against the world population to characterize.

The FDA is worldwide by many parties and of course by the Americans themselves held as the standard for trade in cosmetics, food and medicines.

Whether they do this depends of course on their own decision, but the opportunities are clear and enormous reversed. The pharmacists have already not easy in these times. Despite their one billion profits, they have to "suffer" a lack of new products and are forced to walk in the economic trend to dismiss staff.

From the 9 Supreme Court judges, there were so 3 does not agree with this statement. The President of the Supreme Court and 2 other members were in a kind of 'neutral statement that this decision "a blatant assault on the regime of regulation by the FDA is responsible for approving medicines.

Well, in this context 'regime' exactly the right word ..! It describes exactly the campaign of medical tyranny against the American people and indirectly against the world population, because the FDA worldwide by the Americans as the 'standard' for trade in cosmetics, food and medicines for humans and animals are reserved. It gives to think that these 3 judges, including the President of the Supreme Court, the FDA wanted to protect, while corrupt club already by many other government agencies such as branded! Ultra right-wing judges in the supreme court of the United States apparently! Corrupt judges, ignorant judges in the Supreme Court?


Cartoon of the current situation surrounding the FDA characterizes irony!

You know that the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, the State is that the legal monopoly on the approval or rejection of food for humans and animals, natural cosmetics and medicines for humans and animals.

But it appears that this service now so corrupt that it led to the incredible fact that drugs are approved in the last 10 years numbers, which are never on the market may come ..! That's it said! Check this link also agree to the terms of yesterday here on our site. HERE.
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But fortunately for the whole world, because you can say, the pharmaceutical cowboys now back on their beats to apply for the first time since 20 years. These pharmaceutical giants have long combined with the FDA to play a game of fear of the population for health problems, then the solution in the form of FDA approved drugs ..!

It is the game power play for power and strength from the hands of people to take. "Give me your mandate for you to fight and I will help you" ..

In practical terms, the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. and throughout the world, this deadly game. And had the U.S. High Court decision is not taken, then this had put the gates open for a complete pandemonium from adopting any drug. Because the pharmaceutical cowboys were dismissed from any legal process and have been able to prevent any poison, so to speak, to drug prices.

That they already were doing shows in many cases, for example, the story behind the medicine "Coumadin" that LITERALLY MADE OF THE SAME AS CHEMICALS RATTEGIF WHICH IS MADE. Check out this link if you want to know more! HERE And many drugs used for children and are required for a large proportion of amphetamines, which are traded on the street as' speed '...!

Incidentally, you may be unknown, EVEN IN THE NETHERLANDS ARE Pharmaceuticals be immune from legal proceedings, BY THE NETHERLANDS GOVERNMENT ALSO GRANTED IMMUNITY TO THE COWBOYS! Because vaccinations, such as-to put it mildly-controversial HPV vaccine in the National Vaccination Program be created this immunity for the pharmaceutical giants. A particularly bad case.

Unfortunately, this decision by the U.S. High Court no longer the dead to life, affected by the by the FDA-approved medications from pharmaceutical mastodon. Since the ruling last week, these guys on it 2 times their calculator to address the balance to determine whether they continue with a particular drug on the market, the potential profits to sell to the potential height of the expected claims people that their new drug have been damaged.

Is it waiting on the first pharmacists who are one billion profits for discussion, and the U.S. government to go begging for financial assistance ..? As the self-car tycoon that has occurred. Without realizing that they 'poverty' have self-inflicted?

Heart for your health ...

Although there is now a major battle won, this means not that the war against indifference and sheer hostility and by the pharmaceutical industry has been won. There will be many steps the U.S. should be put, particularly at the FDA and the public monopoly providers of medicines.

There will, for example, new legislation, which are also the chairmen of the Boards of Directors of the pharmaceutical giants can take responsibility for the marketing of harmful drugs! Also hear heavy broom by the FDA to be met. There are many petitions that Americans themselves have been launched and there are many tens of thousands who are sick and have signed petitions. The tide is turning!

It is time that Americans realize that the welfare of their nation does not depend on the degree of material prosperity or the height of the DowJones index for shares, but that welfare depends directly of their food and the nature of the drugs they take . It is time for a holistic approach to disease prevention. In particular, the food that Americans consume, and that for the most part was approved by the FDA (such as Aspartame), is again the basis of a healthy lifestyle for disease have little or no scope!

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