Prophecy Demystified: The Real Meaning of “Pr


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Prophecy Demystified: The Real Meaning of “Prophecy”

Rohaan Solare

hello again Rohaan,

that is a very interesting article and i agree with some of what is written in it. there's no doubt that many people take advantage of the situation and write books that cater to a target audience for the purpose of making money and other reasons. that is an unfortunate but never ending problem that is not going to go away anytime soon. the trick is looking for the truth by being able to see what is propaganda and what is not. many people are easily led astray from the truth because of the reason stated in the article you posted ..."The vast majority of the public is also scientifically illiterate and therefore ill prepared to expose the pseudo-academic fallacies "

sad but true, .....i think we need to that by design ? most people don't have the time or the resources to investigate or research these "fallacies" because we have been programmed to be sheep and have many distractions thrown at us to keep us busy. luckily there are some people that have the knowledge and resources to refute some of these speculative claims such as the Zeitgeist, movie

in my opinion the trick is to not believe the first thing you hear , especially if it's coming from someone that has an agenda or motive.

now as far as the the Mayan prophecies:

i have a problem with this statement...

To state again the Maya left absolutely no record of “prophetic worldly events” concerning Dec. 21, 2012 !

we don't really know if there were predictions of prophetic worldly events left by the Mayans because many of the records were supposedly destroyed...if that is true, how can anyone say with complete confidence that no predictions of any kind were made by the Mayans ??

Unfortunately, only four Maya codices survived the Spanish invasion and these are mainly ritualistic-calendrical in content rather than historical. These documents, written in an early form of Yucatecan Maya, are in the format of a screen fold that resembles a European style book. The scholarly controversy over one of these codices, the Grolier Codex, illustrates some of the pitfalls encountered in trying to reconstruct Mayan modes of thought from the evidence available.

Primary sources of Maya history - part one : Mexico History
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Hello Aragorn,

About the Mayan prophecies. It's true that much of their written lore was destroyed. It's highly unlikely though that they would have left the "type" of prophecies you might be referring to.

I hoped to show in the article that what many erroneously translate as prophetic text is actually reference to themes and not specific descriptions of events yet to happen.

If one understands the cycles of life and the cosmos then one can "predict" the thematic content of the future period referenced. We can only predict themes and generalities, but not the specifics.
Do I make sense?
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