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Israel’s ministry of tourism, Jewish Army, Jewish Agency for Israel and World Zionist Organization are notorious for their long histories of using sex in public relation and advertisement to improve Israel’s image overseas and marketing Holocaust. Even though, Israeli and western polls have acknowledged that Israeli porn is not producing the desired results - Israelis cannot live without their obsession with porn.

On March 15, Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported that Israel’s foreign ministry has decided to try to improve Israel’s shameful overseas image by hiring Israeli super-model Bar Refaeli as the spokeperson for new public relation campaign.

Strangely enough, the decision has been criticized by the Jewish Army and Zionist University students. According to Ha’aretz, Army spokesperson has made an official complaint to the foreign ministry on Bar Refaeli’s involvement in Israeli Hasbara campaign on the basis that she had not completed her military service.

Israeli daily YNet reported on March 17 that a group of Orthodox and Zionist University students have sent a letter to Rafi Barak, director-general foreign ministery (pending appointment of a new minister), questioning Bar Refaeli’s Jewish moral values.

“We know that Refaeli had a publicized relationship with a (non-Jewish) gentile actor,” said Eyal Cohen, a law student at the Ono Academic College’s haredi campus. “And in this way, she certainly doesn’t represent the Israeli public.”

Under Jewish law, sex between two unmarried Jewish persons, is not considered adultery. Sexual relation between a Jewish woman, married or unmarried, with a non-Jewish man is considered adultery – and same rule applies to sex between a Jewish man and a married Jewish woman.

On September 15, 2010, British daily Telegraph reported that an American Jew by the name Israel Melendez sold his porn website to “Israeli foreign ministry for a price that included five zeroes“.

Last year, Tzipi Livni, daughter of a Zionist Jew terrorist, claimed that she as a senior fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University would be pursuing ways to boost Israel’s falling image abroad.

On November 23, 2012, Israeli daily Ha’aretz claimed that Israel’s poor international image was not the fault of public relation think tanks or tens of thousands of Hasbara (propaganda) staff and volunteers – but wrong policies of the Zionist regime.

“In 2005, Jewish daily Forward had reported that Israeli foreign ministry, the prime minister office and the finance ministry concluded a three year of consultations with American marketing executives and launched “Brand Israel”, a campaign to re-brand the country’s image to appear “relevant and modern” instead of militaristic and religious – while continuing to violate international law and human rights of Palestinians,” says Sarah Schulman, an author of 17 books.

According to professor Aeyal Gross (Tel Aviv University), “gay rights have essentially become a public relation tool, while conservatives and especially the religious politicians remain fiercely homophobic“.

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