Second chakra
Thursday, May 7, 2009

The second chakra, the sacral chakra or sacral chakra, is located in the pelvis, near the sacrum, below your navel. The color of this chakra is orange and it is for pure vitality, sexual energy and our vital welfare.

The second chakra acts as a template for our feelings. Our bodies will feel whole and complete as we all feelings as equal and good. Then, these feelings we encourage or discourage, build or break, consolidate or change our behavior. Thus we are able to adapt to our natural rhythms and crises in our lives. Negative attitudes have to do with the feeling entitled to a good life. If we think we are not entitled to a good and prosperous life we feel deeply unhappy / miserable. Unhealthy attitudes towards the sexuality, or a good health and abundance will emphasize the emptiness. Positive attitudes to listen to the needs of the body, rest, relaxation, touching and expressing respect. Respect for our health and welfare, this chakra as well. Nutrition of the body helps us to develop positive attitudes about our right to sense it.

Your second chakra is your emotional identity.

Sacral chakra gemstone:, orange and red

Color: orange

Mantra: VAM

Petals: 6

Element: water

Location: sacrum

Function: sexuality, pleasure

The sacral chakra, the center of balance and movement. Strength, vitality and physical grace flow through this chakra. If the energy is not flowing, you can have critical, rigid, tense and aggressive feel.

Major life areas:
Sensation, change, emotions, sexuality, desire, need, lust.

Gets out of his balance in the accumulation or subject of:
Unstable situations, emotional violence / manipulation, sexual abuse, rejection, denial of the feeling of the child, religious or moral rigor.

Physical disorders:
Disorders of the reproductive organs / spleen / urinary, menstrual problems, sexual dysfunctions, pain in lower back, no point in eating, sex, life.

Characteristics of an underdeveloped second chakra:
Rigidity of body and behavior, fear of sex, low social skills, denial of pleasure, fear of change, lack of desire / passion / excitement.

Characteristics of a developed second chakra:
Sexual addiction, excessively strong emotions, emotional dependence, obsessive attachment, weak borders.

Source: the fifth dimension
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