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Sept. 11 and BBC’s ‘Conspiracy Roadtrip’ | Rehmat's World

Israelis are known for marketing their version of Holocaust via pornography. Similarly, this year, British Broadcasting Company’s Jews took five non-believers of 9/11 official story on a 8-day journey across the east coast of United States in search for ‘the truth’ (watch the documentary below). On the way they meet ‘experts’ and victims of the attack. Their guide was no other than Irish comedian with a Jewish surname, Andrew Maxwell. He tried to convince the five non-believers that Osama Bin Laden was indeed behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. However, Osama Bin Laden was never wanted for this crime and his name never showed-up on FBI’s wanted poster due to lack of evidence.

The BBC charade tried to convince the five ’9/11 deniers’ with dumb experiments with blocks of legos and eggs to prove that WTC was indeed destroyed as result of the impact of the two hijacked planes and not the powerful explosives planted inside the buildings. However, no plane hit the WTC7. No evidence to prove BBC’s point of view except an agitated presenter who seems pissed-off everytime his theory was questioned.

Everything went fine and dandy, until one of the participants, Emily Church, the ‘mute’ one, decided to pull-down BBC’s Israeli hasbara pants.

Firstly, I must tip my hat to them, they did a wonderful editing job. Throughout my time on the show I asked question after question, I asked every single person we met whether they believed the official story to be true and the vast majority of them said no. Ask yourselves this question, why has the footage of us meeting Tom Owen, a voice analyst who worked on the Osama Bin Laden ‘confession’ tapes, been cut completely? There is a simple answer, because he told us not to believe the official report. Why? Because we aren’t in the ‘need-to-know’ category, his words, not mine. Throughout our entire meeting with Tom Owen it was pretty much clear that the director of the show wasn’t happy with his take, like most of our meetings with ‘experts’ she would try and steer the conversation in a direction that would better fit her hit piece.

I’d also like to ask why footage of Ben Sliney saying that someone needs to be held accountable for 9/11 was cut? Surely that’s something that the TV license paying public should be able to see? But no, it didn’t fit their requirements for the perfect hit piece.

Andrew Maxwell, the Irish comedian who consistently ridiculed us and walked away in the middle of debates. See, the BBC don’t want you to know that he complained throughout the entire shoot, laughed about us behind our backs and on more than one occasion said that he wished he’d never signed on to do the show. He’s not a bad person, he was there trying to make some money, we were there trying to get some truth. It’s as simple as that…..