Similarities between Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB) and Doc Brown (Emmett Brown) of the "Back to the Future" movies

100th Monkey

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This was started in another thread and I thought it deserves its own thread.

The original thread is here:

Just in case someone finds this thread and wants to read more on TTB.

Some similarities I've noticed so far:

1) Last name of Emmett is Brown.

2) It is said some people called Thomas Townsend Brown Doc Brown even though he did not have his doctorate degree.

3) Linda Brown's (Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown) book "The good-Bye Man" cover pictures a NYC token coin which has a larger "Y" in the center shaped exactly like the flux capacitor from the "Back to the Future" movies.


When I find more I will post them and I hope that others will post on this thread with more similarities of the two Brown's.

Linda Brown

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100th Monkey! What fun! How silly is this thread going to get I wonder? But I have already gotten another cosmic haha out of it. Look at the face of the Flux Capacitor! My Dad labeled EVERYTHING at his lab with those punch type lettering machines.... ( in fact I still have his!!!!) It was almost a joke with all of us.... that if anything sat still long enough Dad would have a label on it!!!!! and if it needed to be painted it would either be battleship grey.... or avocado green ( it was the sixties and seventies color remember....) I still have some wooden hangers that Dad had painted green!!!!! If you see pictures of him on the net....look for the letters! and the grey or green!

Its been a long time since I have seen " Back to the Future" I guess that I am going to have to get it again! I do remember that the lightning had to hit the clock tower to give them the boost that they needed and just recently one of you mentioned tests at sea where lightning would be drawn to the units for some reason... and thats again something that Dad might have done!

Dad loved his white lab coat..... and even though he wasn't wild haired and wild eyed.... He did have a little of Emmetts enthusiasm and renegade spirit.

Who was it that wrote the screen play? Who was it that developed the character of Doc Brown? Maybe we could talk to them directly and just ask them... Did you know about Townsend Browns work with Capacitors? And Flux Capacitors sounds really on the mark. How did the writer know about that?

I don't know how to explain the Y in the middle of the Capacitor in relationship with my Token. I carried that on my person or in my purse since 1967. It was never away from me. When " Logan" came back into my life that was the first thing that he asked Paul.... " Does she still have the Token".....

So of course years later when I decided to write my Memoir ( The Good-Bye Man) using the Token as the cover art just seemed appropriate. Anyone notice the code on the edge of the Token. Do you know what it means?

Anyway.... I had no idea of the similarities until Zorgon first pointed it out.... still sort of amazed!

So who was the writer and maybe we can get him/her on here to discuss what " inspired" him/her to put some of those scenes in their and to name his character Doc Brown? Was the movie an adaptation from a book? I don't know but that will be fun to look up!.....

Dad loved his 1960 Inverness green Cadillac convertible..... He wouldn't put the top up unless it was POURING rain or sleet! Wasn't a Delorean but he still loved it. Linda