Tesla Technology and the New Super Weapons

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Imagine the implications of a weapon that could knock out tanks, ships, and planes as fast as the speed of light. The same technology, with modifications, could disorient and even tranquilize military personnel, rendering them virtually helpless in the battle zone.

For more than 50 years, the threat of nuclear war has riveted the world. With the terror of assured mutual destruction, scientists have been searching for new types of weapons that offer the promise of winning battles without the deadly aftereffects of nuclear weapons.

In 1985, the Cable News Networks (CNN) Special Assignment offered a detailed look at the future of electromagnetic weapons. CNN was one of the first to uncover evidence of the secret research being conducted in special laboratories all over the world. Secret research based in part on discoveries made almost 100 years ago by the eccentric scientist, Nikola Tesla.

The concept of RF weaponry was predicted at the turn of the century by Nicola Tesla, an American who had emigrated from the region that is now known as Yugoslavia. He is best remembered as the man who invented alternating-current electricity.

In 1899, Tesla built a giant coil that produced 10 million volts of artificial lightning. From it he theorized the possibility of death rays. This, and many of his other ideas about the physics of electricity, were ridiculed by the scientific establishment.

Tesla's novel weapons' theories were generally ignored in the United States. Nikola Tesla died in 1943, and after the Second World War all his papers and effects were shipped to his native country where they enshrined them in a museum in Belgrade. Some say that the museum proved to be a goldmine for Soviet weapons scientists.

Scientists say that microwaves and other types of RF pulses, operating at specific frequencies or windows, can be transmitted with almost no loss of power. Machines known as gyrotrons can produce the massive pulses needed to drive these devices, and it is believed that the Russians have a three-to-five-year lead in this technology.

Eyewitness Accounts Of Possible Soviet EM Weapons Tests

There has been a series of tests of these kinds of weapons, apparently, for a number of years. For example, airliners from Iran, before the fall of the Shah, saw deep within the Soviet Union very large, glowing spherical balls of light that started small and then expanded to very large size, which are apparently Tesla weapons for use in an anti-ballistic missile defense role.

The unknown phenomenon was seen from two aircraft approaching Mehrabad Airport in Teheran, Iran on June 17, 1966 and reported by their pilots. On the far horizon deep within the Soviet Union, an intense spherical ball of light appeared, sitting on the horizon so to speak. The globe of light increased to enormous size, dimming as it did so, literally filling an arc of the distant sky as it expanded. The sighting was shielded from most ground observers view at the airport itself due to an intervening mountain range that masked most of the phenomena from the ground. The silent, expanding globe was observed for four or five minutes before it faded away.

The London Sunday Times of August 17, 1980 ran a story and a photo-sketch of a possible sighting of the testing of very large Tesla globes deep within the Soviet Union. British war cameraman Nick Downie made the sightings in Afghanistan. The phenomena seen were in the direction of the Saryshagan Missile Test Range, which, according to the U.S. Defense Departments Soviet Military Power - 1986, contains one or more large directed energy weapons (DEW's).

Although Downie was seeing the globe of light from a great distance, it flared silently over the Hindu Kush and expanded to subtend an arc of about 20 degrees, dimming as it expanded. An arc of 20 degrees subtended by an object many hundreds of miles suggests an object of more than a hundred miles in diameter. This gives some idea of the enormous energy being controlled and manipulated by these Russian weapons.
Can Electromagnetic Weapons Control The Weather?
On July 4, 1976, the Soviet Union began generating powerful electromagnetic transmissions, that were dubbed "The Russian Woodpecker" by western ham radio operators. The Russian signals are primarily pulsed at the very dangerous 10 Hertz Extreme Low Frequency (ELF). Varying up and down through the frequencies between 3.26 and 17.54 megahertz, it is pulse-modulated at a rate of several times a second, so it sounds like a buzz saw or woodpecker. It was soon traced to an enormous transmitter near Kiev in the Soviet Ukraine. This transmitter and others like it are believed to be based upon the original design of Nikola Tesla.

The Tesla transmitters create giant standing ELF waves that have repeatedly formed huge blocking-system that alter the path of the high altitude jet stream and dam up the normal flow of weather fronts. The Russian ELF transmitters are reportedly able to create droughts that last for months and even years, as well as being able to generate devastating floods.

It is now known that Russian and American scientists have for several decades been working on and developing "scalar electromagnetic technology." It is believed that it was this technology, used to modify weather patterns, that created the massive flooding in the Midwest during the summer of 1993.

Exactly one year after the beginning of the Russian Woodpecker, July 4, 1978, the United States conducted its own ELF weather experiment that created an enormous downpour of rain over six counties of northern Wisconsin. This ELF-generated storm generated winds of 157 mph and caused $50 million in damage, and destroying 350,000 acres of forest.

The February 1981 issue of PACE NEWSLETTER reported that the Soviets turned off their ELF Woodpecker signal for a brief period in 1980: "During the two-week lull, the Northern Hemisphere's jet stream was normal. With the return of the Soviet ELF transmissions, the jet stream was deflected again by a persistent high pressure ridge extending from the Yukon to Arizona."

The Department of Defense will not comment about American RF/EM weapons, or if Russian RF/EM weapons' development is still going forward. However, experts say that the Russians are apparently still ahead in this science and could exploit that lead in a surprise strategic move, a move that could have grave consequences for the United States and the world."


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