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The Aura cleaning process
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Initial Observations

This process is very successful in cases of obsession during the sleep and in cases of sexual violence, also during the sleep, with enormous losses of vital energy.

The main symptoms, normally shown in younger women, are to sleep too much and to wake up tired, as if the patient hadn’t slept.

The person normally shows circles around the eyes and also has nightmares that show things that the person considers “disgusting”.

What normally happens is that an energetic circlet is put around the left ankle, blocking earth’s energy and the coronary chakra, making it so the person loses the energetic anchoring between the Earth and the Sun, and therefore, the loss of the free will during the sleep in the forth dimension, which is crowded of low spiritual evolution beings.

This process previously started happening with “innocent” erotic dreams, sometimes even with very pleasant orgasms, but after that they become nightmares.

Initial Preparation

1. Use two hours to this process. Or initiate the process about one hour before your typical sleeping hour. Unplug the telephone and make whatever is necessary to make sure that you will not be disturbed;

2. Take your self to a private place. If you sleep with someone, make it together or go to bed before (as told above). This session requires conscious admission to work.

3. The first 15 minutes of session consists in listening (or reading) and repeating the resignation of votes. This is very important and requires conscious participation of yours. The repeal of votes is a sacred process and will be personally given to you, but will be printed at the end of this document to reference.

4. Let yourself be in a state of concession and surrendering.

What to Wait During the Process

1. Feelings and energy movement in and around your body are normal. If sometime during the process you feel any tension in any part of your body, relax, breath and think: RELEASE IT;

2. Mental conversations, restlessness, strong emotions and still nauseas or stomach cramps may arise. They are normal. Take your attention to the heart, putting the hands on your chest. Relax, breath and think: RELEASE IT;

3. You are going to have visions of spinning colors, particularly, violet and blue, which are the frequencies of cure.

4. After having finished with the repeal of votes and having accepted the liberation of implants, a changed sleepy status may happen. During this time the Pleiadian masters and etheric surgeons, the pleiadian angels, will be working with you outside the body;

5. Expect nothing. Whatever you taste is just appropriate for you, once that this process is deeply personal and different for everyone; that’s right and it doesn’t matter that you are doing something wrong. After the reading, stay in rest for one and a half hour

. Rest on the Shining’s arms while the Etheric surgeons of the Ashtar Command start treating you. You may wish to sleep; Rest, assured that you are on the accession way. Well, ready? Let us start! Your commitment for your growing and way of service to the world is commendable.

Beginning of Reading

The Cure and Repeal Process

“I appeal to Christ to acclaim my fears and to erase the whole mechanism of external control which can interfere with this cure. I ask my Transcendent Me to close my aura and to establish a Christed channel for the purposes of my cure, so the Christed energies can flour until me.

I won’t be possible to make another use of this channel, but the flux of Christed energies.”

(Imagine a violet energy rotation in clockwise direction around your body and around everything that is immediately around you.

This spinning energy will continue during the whole one and a half hour or trough the night, if you use this proceeding before sleep).

“Now I appeal to the Archangel Michael, the Ashtar Sheran commandant, to completely protect this sacred experience”.

Now I appeal to the Security Circle of the 13th dimension to protect and increase Michael’s shield as well as removing whatever thing that is not part of the Christed nature and that currently exists inside this filed.

“Now I appeal to the ascended masters of the Great White Fraternity and to our Christed assistants to remove and to completely dissolve all or each one of the implants and its seeded energies, parasites, spiritual weapons and self imposed limitation devices, either known or unknown.

Once it’s complete, I appeal for the complete repair of the original energy field, infused with Christ’s golden energy”.

Repeat the Following:
I AM free! I AM free! I AM free! I AM free! I AM free! I AM free! I AM free!
I AM free!
(For this cure to be permanent, we at first have to close all the doors that can let it happen).

Repeat the Following:

“I, being known as (say your name) in this particular incarnation, trough this way, revoke and resign all and each one of the happiness commitment , votes, agreements and/or association contracts that no longer can serve my most elevated good, in this life, past lives, simultaneous lives, in all dimensions, time periods and localizations.

Now, I commend all entities ( which are linked up with this contracts, organizations and associations that, now, I resign) to cease and to give up and to abandon my energetic field, now and forever, in a retroactive way, taking within their tools, devices and seeded energies.

To make sure, I now appeal to the Holy Saint Spirit, my Transcendent Me, to be testimony of the dissolution of all the contracts, devices, and seeded energies that do not honor God/ Father/ Mother.

This includes all the alliances and beings that didn’t honor God/ Father/ Mother as supreme. Amen, Amen, Amen.

I now come back to assure my alliance with God/ Father/ Mother within the domain of Christ and to dedicate my entire being, my physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual beings to Christ’s vibration, from this moment on in a retroactive way.

Dedicating my being to my own conduction on the way to ascension, either the planet’s as mine. Having declared this all, I now authorize Christ and my own Transcendent Me to do changes in my life to accommodate this new vibration and dedication…

I now declare it to God/Father/ Mother. May it be written down in the Book of Life. So be it. Thanks to God”.

Now, let us cure and forgive all your aspects that have done the agreements and all those who, in any way, were part of it. Please, include whoever you need to consciously forgive, as well as those you don’t know, in this forgiveness prayer.

Repeat the Following:

To Universe and to the whole mind of God and to each being inside it, to all the places where I have been, experiences which I have been part of and to all the beings that need this cure, known or unknown:

Anything that may stand between us, I now cut and forgive. I now appeal to the Transcendent me, to Master Jesus/Sanada, to the Pleiades’ energy (Mother Mary), to Mr. Metatron, to Mr. Maitreya and to Saint Germain so they can help and testify this cure:

“Dear, I forgive you for everything that may need to be forgiven between you and me. The most important thing, I forgive myself for everything that may need to be forgiven between my past incarnations and my Transcendent Me”. We are now collectively cured and forgiven.

We all are now elevated to our Christed beings. We are complete and surrounded by Christ’s golden love. We are free of all the forth and third dimension’s fear, guilt, pain and hate vibrations.

All psychic hopes and laces united with theses entities, implanted devices, contracts or seeded energies, are now liberate and cured.

I now appeal to Saint Germain to transmute and, with his Violet Flame, testify the energies that were taken from me and to return them to me now, in its purified state.

Once these energies came back to me, I ask these channels, beyond which my energies were being taken, to be completely dissolved.

I ask Mr. Metatron to liberate us from the jails of duality. I ask Christ’s Domain Seal to be put upon me. I ask my Transcendent Me to testify that it happens. So it is.

I now ask God to be with me and to heal my wounds and scars. I also ask Archangel Michael to mark me with his seal, so I can be protected forever from the influences that don’t let me do the will of our creator.

So be it! I thank God, the Ascended Masters, the Ashtar Comand (Archangel Michael), the Angles and Archangels and everyone else who have made part of this continuous cure and elevation of my being. Selah. Saint, Saint, Saint, the Lord of Universe is! “Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebaitoh”.

End of Reading

After the Session

This cure fires a cleaning cycle of twenty one days that will have new openings to your life in many ways. In the first or second week it is possible that you have strange dreams. It is also be possible that you don’t have dreams, making a very deep processing work. In any cases, you don’t have to worry, they are both normal. You should pay particular attention to the ways that your own perceptions of the world may change.

Adapted by: Eduardo Chianca Rocha – 2006
Translation: Antônio Vieira

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The tought-forms
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“When you think about killing, you have killed, when you think about adulterating, you have adulterated”. From Jesus, using his parabolas to talk about thought-forms. –“The thought is the mental material”.

From Theosophy. –“The world is mental”. From Hermes Trimegistus, the three time wise. According to old studies from the Orient, especially from Tibet, as mentioned by various started authors of theosophy, like Madame Blavadsky, Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant, as we think, the thoughts, which are very soft electromagnetic vibrations, start getting forms with colors and definitions. B

ecause of the quality, intensity or power of the thought, as example the thoughts of love, hate, mental laziness, high intellectuality, jalousie, gall and other similar thoughts, the thought-forms work like an energetic creation of our brain and propagates like a magnetic wave, being able to affect other people, which are in the same vibrational line.

It is using the thought-forms that we “pick up” and get in line with what is happening around, just like the fishes are connected between them trough the water. We, human beings are under an ocean of frequencies, of vibrations, so, according to the Hermetic Principle of vibration: “In the created world everything vibrates”.

Besides, in the beginning of twenty century, trough quantum physic and the studies about holograms, we had the scientific proof to the ancient knowledge, which all the things of the universe are connected to, in an holographic way, and that every piece has its full, following another hermetical principle of correspondence: “What is below is like what is above and vice versa”.

Our thoughts are like mental material, the standard blocs of our formation, of our creation, of everything that exists, because everything starts with and idea, a thought.

Every thought we pour has a considerable power, according to the energy that we put on it in the moment of its irradiation and the thought-forms created by the thought, which are an entity, who is temporarily alive, animated and of a great activity.

It also deserves to be told that the negative thoughts create astral maggots that stick upon the human energy field, which is called aura, making energetic unbalances and, therefore, physical diseases.

Author: Eduardo Chianca.

Translator: Antônio Vieira.

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“When two or more persons are together in my name, there I shall be.”

The wise essene master, Jesus, talking about the formation of the egregores.

Egregore, which comes from the Greek “egregoroi” that designates the force generated by the sum of physical, emotional and mental energies of one or more persons that meet themselves with any common purpose.

It is an energy concentration way in support of a certain objective and always has the tendency of maintaining itself as it is, of maintaining the “quo status”, of not changing.

All human groups have their egregores, with its common indicators and characteristics. All countries, kinds, political parties, science, clubs, companies, sportive teams, families and religions form their respective egregores.

Because of that, it is always very difficult for the groups which are inserted in some egregore to change the paradigms and patterns A great example for this is the Catholic Church that passes hundreds of years to publicly assume scientific facts which already are part of the common knowledge.

Only recently, in 2008, it recognized the possibility of existence of alien beings, that they are also sons of God and if they appear they must be welcome.

So far, all catholic used to see this other-dimension question as diabolic or inexistent and that we, humans, would be the only mental, intelligent conscience of this huge universe.

What features the egregore is the line of thoughts, whence it is said that similar attracts similar. One same person tunes to the most different egregores, positive or negative.

That creates common patterns of social, physical, emotional and mental behavior in very powerful thought-forms, tying up people in psychological patterns and, without even noticing, we get tighten up to determinate threatening defaults, paradigms and archetypes, limiters in majority of times, built up in the past because of cultural, philosophical, or religious reasons.

The father of the analytic psychology, Carl Gustav Jung, called of unconscious collective; it actively acts as much as in the physical and abstract forms.

Wherefore, Jesus during his teachings using parables said that “when two or more were congregate in his name, he would be within”. This is a good example of the formation of an egregore.

A Huge Egregore Called Mind. Collective of Unconscious Collective.

“A lie repeated one thousand times, becomes a truth.”

This is a Goebble’s, Nazi Communications Minister, phrase.

A repeated lie starts being accepted as a truth, because it penetrates inside the person’s unconscious, making a brain wash.

Do not fool yourself, this practice is still active aroud the world by the government of majority of countries, by media, big companies, religions, all according to the ideologies, to the pragmatism of business, of commercial interests, and people end up by accepting as absolute truths, without questioning.

In the occidental world, The Swiss psychological doctor, Carl Gustav Jung, the creator of the analytic psychology, as well known as junguian psychology, was who has boarded the theme. J

ust a few persons notice that they act according to a mind, to a collective thought, and that, many times, has nothing to do with their level of personal conscience, of their freewill usage.

Let’s agree that it is very useful and practical, because we don’t need to think and neither to assume the responsibilities, because every time we can put the blame on somebody else, when one our action doesn’t goes right.

Besides we start to belong to a great brainless majority that doesn’t think, only follows what is up to date with fashion, either in terms of clothing or in way of thinking.

When a lot of people start thinking about one same subject, a very powerful egregore, that unconsciously affects majority of people, starts being formed.

This mechanism is largely utilized, by media to manipulate information and economic, religious, politic and scientific inside interests, with the objective of persuading people, acting as end users or electors, to buy determinate products, to follow determinate beliefs or to vote in someone.

Nowadays we receive an information bombing that it gets difficult to discern between what is truth and what is a lie, so it is necessary a lot of critic sense and conscience expansion to notice the truth and to avoid the manipulations.

If somebody is not watchful to these aspects he stops to exercise his freewill, which is a divine law, and starts being manipulated just like a puppet, wondering that is thinking, but actually is “being thought”.

Most of the humanity acts like a herd that follows a leader, without knowing the reasons or foundations that have taken it into that direction.

Author: Eduardo Chianca.
Translator: Antônio Vieira.

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Who are the Pleiadians?
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The Pleiadians are light beings, superior consequences from the fifth dimension, vibrational line of our “Transcendent Me”.

The fifth dimension or line of truth, of unconditional love, is a rank above the third dimension, world of duality, where we, embodied human beings, live (it is the physical line of the day’s watching condition, where our dominant brain is the left hemisphere, with a vibration in the beta brain frequency, of fourteen and thirty Hertz) and the forth dimension (astral line of the sleep, of the night, of the right brain hemisphere and the lowest brain frequencies, Alpha, theta and Delta).

These light beings, or angels in a religious speech, have never embodied on Earth, although they also have the mission of evolving their spirits here, trough “the provision of services” in our planet.

It happens twice in a period of twenty six thousand years, technically called “precession of the equinoxes”, which is how much it takes to our sun to make its spin around the Alcione star, the main star of the constellation Ursula Major, or Pleiades.

Each one of these periods take one thousand years, and the beginning of the next period, according to the Maia and Cherokee’s calendar, will happen in December, 21st of 2012. In astrological times, it is the Aquarius era, the golden era or the light era.

The Pleiadians are experts in the human’s knowledge. I believe that they are the creators of the human project on the Earth; they are part of The Great White Fraternity, related to the fifth ray, The Green Ray, of truth and health.

The ascendant master, Hillary, the Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary are at this Ray. The angels are all specialized and they are the cosmic doctors.

There, embodied in the Planet Earth, are many kinds that come from the Pleiades; the most known is the Maia’s, which has left us their calendar of 5125 years, showing us the that we will be back to the photon belt’s high vibration in the north hemisphere’s winter solstice in December, 21st of 2012.

Other kinds are composed by the Cherokees, the Hopi, the Kaunas, red skinned natives of North America and also by the Essenes.

The wise Essene and ascendant master Jesus is from the Pleiades. For this reason, since the harmonic convergence of August, 26th of 1987, when our planet directly started receiving “the first rays” from the photons belt, when happened a planetary alignment around the Sun, between Earth, Venus, Mars and the Pleiades, many people started waking up for their missions at this Earth’s special moment and remembering ancient knowledge that were asleep in their consciences.

Some have written books about the Pleiadians, for example Barbara Hand Clow and Amorah Kwan Yin; others have channeled techniques of holistic therapy based in the Pleadian knowledge, for example Peggy Durbro, with the “EMF – Electro Magnetic Field Balancing Technique”, which already is sold around one hundred countries, Christine Day, Gisele King, with “Magnified Healing”, “Frequencies of Light”, with me, and many others which are waking, around the entire planet.

Since it’s used a pure and lovely intention of serving the other, the Pleiadians are available to gather with a lot of people and how much more, better for a softer planetary transition.

It’s necessary, however, that there is also the proper vibrational purification, so they can access theses frequencies of light.

All this way is oriented by the person’s “Transcendent Me”, all the persons, actual plumbers, have Pleiadian origin, normally old shamans in the past embodiment, which have some kind of easiness to tune theses Pleiadians consciences, because, in some way, they have the knowledge of the “idiom”, what makes much easier the communication.

Recalling, the good old acupuncture is the first known Pleadian technique. Having its origin into the last time they have been to our planet, they passed this knowledge to the most advanced people at the time, the Tibetans, as a gift to help man kind during the low vibration or “dark” period that we lived in the last 12.000 years.

The Pleiadians are very lovely, humorous and funny beings. They love working opportunities, because it lets them help their younger brothers out, into their walk on Earth and, besides, it also helps them with their own spiritual evolution trough their mission accomplishment.

They must follow our evolution on this planet throughout the next one thousand years and they will make it in a cooperative way, respecting our free will, which is a sacred divine law that cannot be interfered, and they will also help us out doing a new archetype in the medicine, in the art and science of cure, evolving to a vibrational, electromagnetic, holistic model which all the multidimensional, quantum and holographic aspects of the human being are considerate.

The allopath materialist medicine, which is dominant nowadays in the occidental world, whose structure is focused to the illness, to the gain of money, to reactive processes that only make theirs deeds when the illness is already manifested into the physical body, will be transformed into a new medicine: spiritualized, oriented to the health, to the self-knowledge, the prevention and detection of energetic unbalances in softer levels of our holographic structure, without direct manifestation into our physical vehicle.

At this moment we’ll be undergoing the new Light Era. I feel their presence because of their wonderful “smell” and my olfactory etheric perception, especially when I am making treatments in Frequencies of Light and during the initiation processes of new therapists, where a lot of people notice or feel a lovely vibration.

It’s a divine experience, for this reason, and their wish, I try to demystify them, because they are here with us, available for all mankind and not just for a few privileged plumbers.

They don’t approach for two reasons: first, because they don’t interfere in our free will, so they have to be invoked, and, after all, the occidental society’s vibrational level is very low, especially because of the wrong feeding with red meet, caffeine and alcohol.

When there is some kind of divinization we end up by idolizing and getting away, as it was done with Master Jesus that was divinized by the official churches so they could always have an “intermediary”.

It wasn’t this one the Master’s position when he said: “what I do, you can do much more”. For this reason, try to build a fellowship relation with older, wiser and kinder, which are at service for the Spiritual Hierarchy that, silently and incessantly, from the superior dimensions, work to contribute with man kind in its walk to the Light.

I still recall that in our ancient archetype the colors blue and white represent the Pleiades, the same colors that our collective unconscious uses to Mother Mary’s mantle in the occidental world, and to Kwan Yin’s mantle, Buda’s divine mother in the oriental world. So, invoking the Pleiadians is ultimately equal to ask for Mother Mary’s protection, with her white and blue protection mantle.

Author: Eduardo Chianca.
Translator: Antônio Vieira.