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On April 14, 1964 one of the most extraordinary meetings in the history of the Earth took place.
The location was fifteen levels down within a subterranean government installation situated under El Capitan Peak in the remote Guadalupe Mountains of northwest Texas, (in what is now Guadalupe Mountains National Park), adjacent to the New Mexico border.
Present on one side of the meeting room were 24 representatives, personally selected by the Four Governments present. These Governments were: the United States, the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, and the Council of Europe. Two Special Forces guards stood sentry at the door, armed with M-16s with the safeties off.
Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev headed the U.S.S.R.-selected delegation.
Chinese Premier Mao Tse-Tung (Zedong) selected a self-effacing young man, a close confidant with expertise in international security matters, to represent him at this meeting as his Official Representative, and to head the Chinese-selected delegation.
The Council of Europe’s Secretary-General Ludovico Benvenuti had designated international law expert, Cambridge Professor, and Council of Europe Commissioner Anthony Bradley to represent the European Council at this Meeting; and Benvenuti’s successor one month before the meeting, Peter Smithers, confirmed that appointment.
"Representing” the United States, and having already brushed duly-elected U.S. President John F. Kennedy from the Preliminary Meeting, and not about to let Lyndon Johnson, only four months as President, represent the U.S. at the Ratification Meeting, was the arrogant super-wealthy patriarch of the Rockefeller family, David Rockefeller, the organizer and self-appointed leader of the Meeting from the Human side.Cautious about the Star Visitors, Rockefeller took a position by the door to assure a quick exit if needed. At his side was a recording secretary, a woman with long blonde hair. Rockefeller had assured her silence about what she would record by threatening her daughter if she ever talked.
Present on the other side of the meeting room were three representatives from the High Council of the Star Nations, (the governing body of the galactic federation of star civilizations in contact with Earth): the Councillor For the Tall Zetas, the Councillor For the “Praying Mantis” People, and the Councillor For the Reptoid (Reptilian-Humanoid) People (1). Also present were four Short Zetas, who served as security for the Councillors, and who were prepared to provide a quick exit, utilizing energy field “tunnels”, if required. Another Short Zeta served as Recorder of the proceedings for the Star Nations.
The purpose of this historic Meeting was to ratify an Agreement about issues that had been under discussion and worked on via Star Nations individual contacts with the Leaders of the Four Governments over the period 1957-1961. The purpose of these contacts was to get these Leaders to agree to a joint meeting to develop policy agreements that would stop the attacks on Star Nations persons and vehicles, and permit the Star Nations to continue their protective mission here. The reason the Four Governments were present and not others was that these were the governments who were engaged in attacking Star Nations craft and persons.
President Dwight Eisenhower had previously agreed to a Preliminary Meeting for the U.S. And by March of 1960, all Four Leaders had agreed that they would have representatives ready to meet in London on December 12, 1961 for that Preliminary Meeting. That Meeting developed the issues for further refinement, and further individual discussions between Human representatives and Star Nations representatives. Those developed positions were then to be brought to a final Ratification Meeting of April 14, 1964, for finalization by the Four Governments and the Star Nations (Fuller details about this 12/12/61 Preliminary Meeting’s location, activity, and who were in attendance at both meetings will be provided later in this Report.)
The principal issues for the Star Nations in agreeing to theses Meetings were that these Cabal-controlled (2) Four Governments were persistently and violently interfering with the Star Nations mission to protect the living Earth (“Earth Being” in Star Nations parlance), and to protect and assist the development of the Humans, and animal and plant life upon her.
The problem which the Four Governments presented for the Star Nations was described by a Star Nations spokesperson not physically present at the Meetings, Councillor Asheoma Meata, as follows:
“Star Nations was faced with difficult choices. Our own attempts at direct communications with humans were met with violence and many records of entrapment and torture of Star Nations Beings manifesting on this level (Earth). It was at this same time that [planet] Earth Being was faced with problems of destruction in the form of new [nuclear, electromagnetic, scalar, and quantum] weapons developed. Our intervention in effort to protect Earth Being was not favorably received by those who had the ability to ‘shoot us out of the sky’. For Star Nations, we were not in a position to demand that only those true of heart be allowed to speak with us. And without communication exchange and the resulting Agreement, the chance was very high of Star Nations being forced to withdraw all assistance from Earth Being.”
Basically, Star Nations was seeking a cease-fire agreement, so as to be left unharmed to do their important mission of protection, restoration and upgrading of Earth, its ecosystems and the cherished fellow intelligent species upon it, Humankind.
The geoplutocratic Cabal, through its proxies heading the Four Governments, had quite a different agenda. They saw these negotiations as an opportunity to take advantage of the Star Nations’ high ethics and culture of dealing only in honesty, to manipulate the Star Nations and extort advanced-technology information. The representatives pretended to be acting as responsible officials interested only in Star Nations accountability for its traffic in Earth’s skies, and in assuring cultural autonomy for Earth’s peoples. The Cabal’s real interests lay elsewhere.

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