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A wonderful read:

The Door of Everything


I was drawn to this short book at a used book store. It had a totally plain blue cover with gold print title "The Door of Everything".

What a grand title, presented so simply, I felt intuitively that there was something special here.

A friend just shared this book with me through Avalon PM service, and it reminded me how much I enjoyed this little gem.

It is available online for free at the link above.

If you have enjoyed this book, please share your thoughts.

It is written from the perspective of the creator.

Here is an excerpt from the beginning of Chapter 3:

"When I created you in my image and likeness, I endowed your being with the greatest gift I had to give. Alas! This greatest gift has seldom been received or understood.

For I so loved the world I gave my only begotten Son that whosoever believed in him would not perish but have everlasting life.

It is a generally accepted belief that Jesus was my only begotten Son. Some of you have been taught that if you believe Jesus was the only begotten of the Father, you will not perish, you will have everlasting life after you have died.

The real truth is that the only begotten of the Father is a Grand Cosmic Being, a perfect man or woman, a radiant image clothed in robes of shimmering Light, a godlike ideal who claims the cosmos for his playground and comes and goes with the speed of thought, a joyous being whose vibration is quickened to the rate of mine and whose consciousness is as expansive as mine—the Living Christ.

Yes, I so loved the world and all my children in it that I gave to each and every one of you this most cherished gift—I created you by the pattern of the Living Christ. My only command to you was that you believe it and live accordingly.

So simple, so easy. My image and likeness placed inside each and every one as your nucleus, your very mind and soul, and all you have to do is believe in your own Self.

How much longer must I wait for you to learn? Oh my children, all of you could join a mighty cavalcade of majestic gods who even now are winging their way across the face of the deep singing a chorus of praise and joy, but you will not. Even though the Spirit and the bride say come, and he who hears could come, you will not. You are too busy with the mundane pastimes of earthly occupations to listen to the call.

If you should be still long enough to hear the call, you would most likely hesitate, doubting, thinking it is all too good to be true.

In spite of your doubts, that submerged mind of divine holiness is a living part of you; your polluted reservoir of feeling contains power enough to erect mountains; and my image is your identity for I am truly your Light of Life.

If you do not believe my words, try believing in the Grand Cosmic Being, try feeling Its identity inside you, and you will see for yourself.

That is what Jesus did, of course, and when you were instructed to let the same mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, you were not being told to try to develop this mind, or evolve it, or create it, but just to elevate it and let it express.

When Jesus learned that divine omniscience is the nucleus of everyone, he held his life in prayerful stillness till he was conscious of my presence, then took up residence with me and began to experience all wisdom, all love, all power.

There are no laws in existence to say you cannot do the same. In fact, my holy laws say that you can. And I am waiting, with arms outreaching, until you do.

I know there appears to be contradiction in my words. If Jesus claimed his identity as the Living Christ and became a Grand Cosmic Being who knows all things and has all power, why did he die such a painful death on the cross? What happened to the goodness and mercy which I have promised to pour out on all who turn to me? Who wants to realize his Christhood when it appears to increase the dangers to be faced?

These are indeed worthy questions and they deserve to be answered."