The end of the false freedom
Monday, April 20, 2009

By Cor Stoker

Who believes in the "free" west to live and feel happy to democracy and voice of the people live in a fake world, because you and I are no more than stemmed, where democracy is a fig leaf for lies and deception.

Have you ever realized that we are ruled by a narrow clique of participants distributed on a select group of parties all the important functions of our government, semi government and supervisory bodies and claiming the jobs among themselves.

The failure of supervision of banks, insurers, health care, family help but think of a body of some influence on society and the top ladies and gentlemen of the established order, in a failed policy or as a reward simply move to the next fat-paid job, one with a minimum effort and maximum reward touch it lies, cunning and deception reigns.

Our Constitution clearly indicates that we are entitled to freedom of expression, that freedom is violated almost daily and more and more restricted, because the citizen can not believe that different from what the regents want, namely, total control over everything we thinking, and how we slavishly let happen is almost frightening.

There are cameras hung and big brother called for OUR safety, but once a camera preventing a murder, a robbery, an assault, so no, the camera is there and register but does NOT call on the regents so hard that the preventive work, but all our steps and movements accurately recorded and monitored.

Public transport, from minute to minute, every meter that you drive is recorded and registered own transport, your registration is miles long with almost all major junctions and tracks recorded, where, when, how often and how hard you drive, again called for your own safety, but in reality has never prevented a camera accident, bumper stickers or cutters stopped.

However punctuated the public, because the sacred cow milking is not tired, we pay BPM, VAT, road tax, environmental, fuel surcharge, disposal in short, the state and the citizen pay slavishly, where we once revolted against the 10th medal .

Meanwhile, we hear calls, emails are checked and ALL providers must keep their customers to send, publish or respond, so that after wards everyone affectionate or not fit in the great ideal of human conditioned can prosecute, what happens to the correspondence or the privacy of people with like-minded people to respond or discuss.

Websites are prohibited from passing on tips pedophiles, film, music, discussion, cartoons, caricatures remember it, and it has been the subject of a lawsuit, but may anarchist squatters sites in the running, hate sites that hell and damnation may unload the guise of freedom of religion hateful, but alas the people at a discussion forum to go beyond to an emotional reaction, which can count on a criminal or manager by the authorities blatantly called on the mat.
Hang a nice poster, drawing or Photo shop (yes on taste is not to argue) of a naked lady in your window immediately a co Lander public spectacle to be beaten in the buoys, the shop closed and then you get (now) is still an excuse but the evil has been done so is another retailer it is not.

Or how about the freedom of school, that is out of time, because Utrecht throws a new regime in the fight and the municipality determines where your children and pick up is charmed and history shows that the will voluntarily mandatory standard procedure that the city determine where your offspring are diluted collecting diplomas, because dualism is unacceptable and so are the regents of roses.

Brainwashed, stupid, and not above the bushel does rise to the electorate, because who has the youth, the future and therefore we knead a uniformity of multicule refused because Papa and Mama have to work to make ends together knots.

Also a crazy plan, build family homes, the wheel is reinvented, but first they have the elderly and disabled people from the streets and remove stored in living plants, because the children were too busy with income generation, a good girl on the employment preparation, Mom and Dad were so necessary to generate income

Now suddenly, the elderly living in the youth and rural people, the last resort of old and authentic with the Netherlands destroyed building, then later the large families of immigrants to dump and that last part Islamise and most precious calibration.

Meanwhile, the citizens in line waiting for care, no doctor is there in the weekend to reach you to the "general post", where you do not know, but then we remembered the patient file, which will ALL of our medical data are committed while insurers will run hospitals, so they have legitimate access to the potential "problem cases" that many chronically ill will against will fall.

Krom Talk dicks and right, simultaneously filling the bags credo, we have the power, we have jobs, the poverty standard is only for the form, while we import tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens that expensive social benefit system, but none of that interests the ladies and gentlemen who govern us, because it is thus completed and is looking for political religious coercion.

Until the bedroom to the line as their finger lifting and our impose their will, and you are against this policy, then you're a populist, a dangerous man, it look like a stick and if that is not there, then there is an idiot, a vegan or a religious fanatic who opposed the death.

Europe was pushed by the throat, despite a clear NO, but feel free to dream and believe that man is crazy, you have that right, just imagine, your freedom is real, or are you already so numb by the propaganda machine, PO Box 51 spots and many colored folders your mailbox muck that happy with the regent wolves , you still believe that there is nothing wrong with our system and effective drivers caring about our care, unfortunately you will soon in the large caliphate waking nightmare.

Source: hetvrijevolk

Translated version of http://www.hetvrijevolk.com/?pagina=8324