The Importance Of Meditation: What Is It For? Why Do We Need It? - Lady of Light - March 18th 2012

Lady of Light

Lady of Light
March 18th 2012


To meditate is not the answer alone. “Meditation” is blocking out everything that is going on around you to access a higher plane to be at more peace. To reach a more enlightened state, one needs to do more than just meditate and be loving and kind to all that is in existence. One must accept that which is around him and be at peace with all while NOT in a meditation. "Meditation" is a tool to promote the overall well-being of our body-mind configuration, to tap more into the mind to help the body. To reach TRUE meditation, one must not limit himself to just meditation as it is commonly known. To limit is to ignore, to ignore is to be blinded and to not accept and become one with. One must become one with all for true meditation to take place.

Tolerance and forgiveness for those who do not know they harm, is also a key to all of this. To "forgive" allows for those to be given love in which they would not otherwise have because of the harm they cause to others and themselves. Forgiveness does not mean to allow to happen and just let it go and be "ok" with it. It means to allow for the freedom of the soul, whether or not we agree, and to accept that those that harm are still part of the mind-body beyond what is here in this physical form. Those who need the most love, are the ones that show the least love.

Everything you need to know is within yourself. You do not necessarily need the teachings of another to grant you access to the higher knowledge through any methods, even through formal meditation. I have never had a teacher, nor have I followed any writings of teachings of others. I know instinctually, and through channels what is right and how to implement these informations into a higher level of being. After all, to tap into the world of light, one must be able to adapt to the surrounding darkness to make it light within the dark. Only once this is done, we are higher.
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