These keys are not new. They've been out there in various forms for over a year now. They easily dispel cloud cover, radar shields, and other disinfo explanations, the former two being the most widely limited hangouts given to make us all go back to sleep. The most damning evidence is the very issue that has at its roots the most sinister: control and elimination. If we conclude, and we must, that the data does point to a singular direction (like the HIV data the conclusively proves AIDS is a CIA/WHO invention) then no matter how painful the truth must be, it still must be the truth.

1. Gulf War Illness. Look at the spray patterns over the Gulf. Look at the effects. Look at the chemistry. Look at the denial by the Govt. All the same. (The French, unwilling to go along at the time, were excluded from the soup. They are now "part of the family" and have their own CTs covering France, as do most of the world, except the USSR and their "real" satellites.") France and Spain both joined the "occult clubs" late in the game, preferring their own "DeGaulle" paths until they realized they were simply following the same beast anyway.

2. Aluminum. Used in CTs as a low-watt conductor, especially when it concerns ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] (brain wave level) transmissions. The test data for this can be found in the Navy, who pioneered this technology back in the 1960s for their subs. Same for today. The Aluminum is not just any off the shelf variety, but is a blend of T7075, with barium, molybdenum, and copper. Look at the crystal formations in the aluminum and notice the polarizing toward a counter-centric alignment not normally found in nature.

3. CDC. Occasionally, the CDC steps on its own foot. Notice their trend data charts for what they consider "epidemic corridors" and how the USA has exceeded that trend data since Sept of 1998. The charts I got from them six months ago clearly show most Western countries having exceeded "pandemic" level infections from "unknown airborne ailments."

This should have been the biggest news story of April, 2000 but nary a word from anyone. Why not?

A simple study of their own data reveals the truth about chemtrails that is horrifying in the extreme (or it should be. Even with this data, no doubt only about a dozen people will actually be upset enough to shake their fist.

Wouldn't you say that with that kind of low-level reaction, the intel groups will meet and exceed their operational goals for CTs?)

4. Desiccated red blood cells. Those very elusive desiccated red blood cells. No samples? Easy enough to do. You'll need to be above ten thousand feet to get near pure petri samples, but it can and is often done. Figure it out. If we can pretend to send a man to the moon, we can get a petri dish up above ten thousand feet.

It's easy to analyze blood...and the pathogens engineered in them. Most of the pathogens distributed are done at low-levels (less than 5,000 feet.) Aluminum, barium, and longer-life elements are done above 12,000 feet.

5. Clouds are NOT radar shields. There isn't an AWACS bird yet worth its JP10 that can't easily sidestep any type of cloud cover in existence and that for over 30 years. Looking in this direction is more disinfo. But there is something to it. These ops are constructed and designed to use "existing, natural cloud cover" whenever possible, to shield the real presence of CTs.

Also, any resultant rainfall helps the sprayers by getting their soup in our water tables. They need this aluminum in our drinking water, for reasons involving ionization.

6. Why hasn't someone yet come up with their spray-pattern templates. We thought that would have been done first, but to date no one has done it. Some C++ skills are needed and are out there. Why? There IS a pattern that is predicable. Barometer here is a crucial key.

7. Don't look to the Weather Channel. What a piece of fiction those radar images are. The doctoring of real-time images is now done with computers that don't make mistakes. The process is called "resonant image mirroring" and how it is done is that each GEOS-SAT click (one second snap of real time data, that's a "click") is mirrored onto a new screen that gets a wash of the lines and redefines borders. In a moment you have a new sat image devoid of any "lines." The next second is reviewed by another computer system and three human observers who are literally watching a big screen TV, 24/7,for accuracy. The next second has the images shot into a "relay can" which holds the image for 10 more seconds before it is dumped back into the subscribing routers for download to anyone with the right frequency, a dish, and the decryption codes.

Network TV is an example of a subscriber. NSA, CIA, etc., get the real images, the rest of the world gets make-believe. Pretty neat technology,if you ask me. Two years ago [1998], you could get the images from most of the sats, without any doctoring and the images clearly show an extensive, global, spraying program. Now, it's almost impossible-without using a govt. node-to get any real "raw" data.

8. The so-called UFOs in the CTs are ours. Anyone who doesn't understand that our technology practically doubles every year or so, is still living in 1953. Let's face it...that dog and pony show at Canaveral is still the longest running joke in the service. (The light show of rockets and all that, still gets big ratings with the appropriations committees and the general public.

We send up dozens of ships a day, in a matter of seconds, that are never seen and never will be by any satellite, because they are not propulsion based ships but, for lack of a better term, gravlev (though even gravlev technology was phased out in the late '70s when we acquired orgone- polarizing technology.)

We don't need solid fuel rockets anymore than we need typewriters. These remotely piloted vehicles in CTs sample the air for dispersion data. It might be obvious, then, to point out that the only reason they've used occulating particles is to follow the fallout and dispersal patterns used by the tankers. Fully 30% of most CTs over urban centers are non-visible. That will increase over the next few months to something around 70%, making the whole thing appear like bad dream.

"See...they stopped spraying us, we can get on with our lives" kind of thing. That will certainly be one of our last thoughts, to be sure.

9. The most fascinating revelation regarding chemtrails was found in Crop Circles [CCs], of all things. Will try to find the image we discovered last summer, but the latest CT soup formulae appeared in a crop circle somewhere in England. I don't have the intel on the circles, but anytime I ever asked about them, the spooks got real nervous (which means it is something no doubt spiritual.

They literally hate anything that has love or joy in it, hence-I believe-that the crop circles have a spiritual origin to them. I do know that there is an op going with MI5 in regard to them; no doubt some kind "debunking." My own speculation is that somehow humanity is being warned by something, somewhere and that we've been given some kind elementary communications primer.

Math seems to be the key, but the non-linear kind. What and Who? No one is talking. That alone means it is not something from their darkened halls from hell or the intelligence agencies would have seen it coming (they can easily see the future, though it requires a ritual sacrifice of one of their own.) That they are upset with Crop Circles is to understate their reaction to CCs presence in our world.

Also, it looks like a great many CCs are being wiped out before the public can get to them by an op wing running out of Nellis, AFB. It appears that the circle phenom as it is just appearing in the USA won't be allowed (if possible) by the NSA, for whatever reasons. Don't have access to that.

10. Vaccinations. Stop it already. You can only vaccinate against a specific thing.

Common sense reveals this lie. Any govt. can make a bio weapon for which there is no recourse and do it overnight. We really can defend against the unknown, so this is the reason for Cts. Even if we were given the entire arsenal of vaccines against known pathogens, it wouldn't mean anything to a real bio terrorist: they would just make up something new by Wednesday and fire it off.

The reality check here is that everyone knows that the only bio terrorists functioning in the world have the initials U.S.A. on their sleeves.

In regards to worldwide bio terrorism, we have no further to look than our own America .

11. Fascinating disinfo campaign underway. The most prevalent are 'radar shield' and 'sunscreen'. These will be given the most credence and fringe airtime. By the tons. Sounds nice on the surface...sunscreen.

12. The agencies are pretty sure of their outcome regarding chemtrails. For whatever it is worth, they do get results. They generally don't get involved even with a low-expectation op without being sure of success.

Something of this magnitude means they are convinced of success, no matter what the public may or may not do. I would agree with this assessment asbeing accurate in the extreme. It would appear we are all heading for theirworld whether we want to or not. The final and simple truth here is that their world is no world at all, but a hell based on the something where the will is given precedence over all else: will = right. That's their core driving impulse, even whispered aloud (I've heard it with my own ears.) when they are just talking absently about this or that.

13. Bush seems pretty confident, even when his hand is caught in the cookie jar. He just knows he's going to make it....