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In less than a week Dan Brown will be releasing his next book ‘The Lost Symbol’. His fans have been waiting for six years for this sequel to the DA VINCI CODE to be released.

From previous information released by the author we know the book will focus on the ‘Key of Solomon’, Washington DC and freemasonry.

Based on this information along with the US and UK book covers of the ‘Lost Symbol’, Aaron Parlier (previous partner of Wayne Herschel) and Jan Wicherink started their own research into this new novel. Of course we can only speculate about the real contents of the book, but nonetheless we think we found some pretty amazing information that might be run parallel with the subjects covered in Dan’s new novel.

The results are presented in new article (released today 9-9-2009) on our website www.keyofsolomon.org We made some interesting discoveries based on the limited information we had.

- The book release date of 'The Lost Symbol' is September 15th, the day of the ‘Raising aloft of the Holy Cross’, ‘The exaltation of the Holy Cross’ also known as the day of the ‘real’ cross. In the article we will explain what all of this means in astronomical terms.
- The title of the book is printed in italics under 23,5 degrees slant angle is a clear hint towards the obliquity of the Earth Axis. Dan Brown will most likely delve into the knowledge of precession and the role it played not only in freemasonry but in Christianity as well.
- We discovered the same 23,5 degree angles in the street plan of Washington DC, including the Great Pyramid that fits perfectly in the plan with the White House sitting on top of the Kings Chamber.
- The heliacal rising of Sirius encoded in Washington and how it relates to the current Great Celestial Conjunction (era-2012).

And lots more …

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Jan Wicherink