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On Sunday, speaking at the 3-day Israel Lobby (AIPAC) annual policy conference being held in Washington DC, Gen. Ehud Barak, Israel’s outgoing defense minister pleaded to Obama administration to build a regional security framework to protect the Zionist entity from the new emerging Islamic power in the region lead by Iran.

“We must build a regional security framework with the primary objective of defeating Iran’s race for bomb. The arrangement would also be aimed at achieving common goals pertaining to the joint challenges of radical Islamist terror and border security,” said the paranoid Zionist Jew.

Barak also called Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons (Israel already has over 240 of them) “the greatest challenge facing Israel”. However, Barak stopped short of proposing how Obama can forge such “security framework” when many of Israel’s neighboring regimes, though western puppets, refuse to have diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity. Furthermore, several polls show that more than 90% of Arabs consider Israel to be the greatest threat to the peace in the region.

John Kerry is currently visiting five Muslim countries in the Middle East to forge Israel’s desired security framework.

Michael Oren, Israeli ambassador in Washington, told 13,000 pro-Israel activists at the conference to mend fences with Afro-American, Christians, Latino and Muslim communities by putting mascara over Israel’s face.

“Reach out to the churches in your community, to the African Americans, the Latinos, to the mosques,” he told them.

Benjamin Netanyahu, who still has not succeeded in forming a coalition regime – has asked his opponents to get united behind him against the common threat from Iran. He will be addressing the conference via satellite.

Michael Kassen, head of AIPAC, in his speech warned the Zionist regime to “adapt or die”; that’s its isolation in international community will ‘wipe off Israel from map’. Kessen also urged the pro-Israel community to increase political donations and “reach beyond traditional Jewish support” in order to safeguard US-Israel relations.

The other top Israel-Firsters to address the conference include US vice-president Joe Biden, Canada’s foreign minister John Baird, Rep. Eric Cantor, Rep. John Cornyn, Rep. Steny Hoyer, Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Marcia Fudge, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Robert Menedez, Dennis Ross and convicted White House adviser Elliot Abrams.

Denis Ross (with Jewish family roots), former ambassador under Bill Clinton and recently Obama’s adviser on Iran policy, said that “Iranians have been playing the rope-a-dope strategy.” – and that Israel is losing its patience. He suggested that P5+1 put additional sanction to suffocate Iranians.

Elliot Abrams (\US-Israel Jewish citizen) was mor hawkish. “I worry about what I see in the papers (P5+1 coming closer to Iranian proposal). It appears to me we are negotiating with ourselves. We see no concessions with Iran,” he said.

The US lawmakers assured AIPAC leaders that they would make sure the recently-approved budget cuts affect the Zionist regime.

Rabbi Eric H. Yoffi at daily Ha’aretz (March 4, 2013) urged American Jews to be proud of their power in the US – without any need for apologetics or overstated fears about an antisemitic backlash. Ironically, any such statement made by an American would have got an award of antisemitism from Abraham Foxman.

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